Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Entice By Carrie Jones


Author: Carrie Jones
Pages: 266
Date Published: January 23 2011
Publisher: Bloomsbury
       Zara changed into a pixie queen to get Nick back from Valhalla. No matter what the cost she needs to get him back. Only, she doesn't actually know how to get to where Nick is. She does get many leads throughout the book with the help of her new king Astley. The first one brings them all the way to Iceland. Then to a bar. Last to Astley's freaky mother's house in New York. Finally the pixie council gives them the answer they need to get to the land of the gods. Now that Zara knows how to get to Valhalla, all she needs to do is convince the gods that Nick is needed more in Bedford more than he is needed in Valhalla  to fight the biggest war that may end the world.

       This book has two covers. On the cover of the book that  I borrowed had golden finger nails on the side of a face. The other cover that the book can have is Zara  blowing gold dust out of her mouth. In the background of the one that I had is what looks like smoke. On the bottom corner of the other edition is a small golden  tree. I think that they are both very pretty and I can't decide which one I like more.

       Zara still cares a lot for Nick but has put much of her trust in Astley. She has stopped doubting him even though many people in Zara's life are still skeptical about whether or not he is trying to set them up. Zara's mom comes up to Bedford. It is the first time she has seen her daughter since she turned pixie. Zara's mother expresses a lot of hate toward Astley for changing Zara. I can't really blame her. But the hate becomes so strong that Zara is convinced that her mother doesn't love her anymore.

       Entice was a very good book and was defiantly worth reading. At some points I found myself wishing that Zara would see that she was taking the whole, "We need Nick" and "I miss Nick" thing a little bit too far. Zara looses a lot of people and pixies in this book. At one point in the book Zara's mother says that one boy is not worth loosing all the people that she loves. I almost agree with her.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Captivate By Carrie Jones

Author: Carrie JonesPages 273
Date Published: January 5 2010
Publisher: Bloomsbury


       In the Second book in the Need series, Zara's problems are far from over. She finds a wounded pixie in the woods about to die. Being the way that she is, she can't just walk away and let anything die. She saves the pixie but soon finds out that he is more than just a pixie. He is a pixie king. He wants to fight Zara's biological  father for his territory and his pixie's. To do that though, he will need to be a queen to make him stronger. If Zara were to become his queen, her being part pixie would make the whole process much easier. Of course she completely resents the idea of becoming a pixie, let alone becoming a queen. As things begin to fall apart in her life, she begins think that becoming a pixie queen may be the only way to hold things together.

       The new pixie kings name is Astley. I find him a better character than Nick is. He is nice and always calm and respects Zara and the decisions she makes.
       Issie and Devyen finally starts to acknowledge that they like each other. (Yay!) Plus Devyn's injury is makes a lot of progress throughout the book which is fantastic because in Need he was in a wheelchair.

       The cover of this is a gold eyelid with a gold tear running down a cheek. I like it because does have some sad moments in the book (Don't worry it has happy moments too.) I think I liked the cover of Need a little better though. I think it is because of the trees is the bottom of the Need cover that makes me like more.

Captivate was an excellent it held my interest.Though this book did lack some of the creepy elements that Need had.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Town That Drowned By: Reil Nason

Author: Riel Nason
Pages: 288
Date Published: October 7 2011
Publisher: Goose Lane Edition

       When survey stakes appear around the town of Haventon people assume it is because the Haventon bridge is going to be replaced. Unfortunately that is not the case. A dam is going to be built. Once the dam is being built the town will slowly begin to flood. Everything will eventually be underwater. Everybody in the town is forced to move into a new town that is being built over the next three years. People are very reluctant to leave the town where they had grown up. 14 year old Ruby watches as her town becomes empty right before her eyes.

       I don't like the cover on this book. It's because of the face that the girl that I assume is Ruby is making. Personally I don't like when book covers have a close up of a face as the cover.

       My favorite character in this book is Mr. Cole the elderly man that Ruby works for. I love how nice and awesomely generous he is. I spent a lot of time feeling bad for Percy in the book people judge him because he doesn't like things to change, and they bully him because he cries a lot.
       Ruby does get into a relationship when she meets Troy. Only a small part of the book has Troy in it though, because his father is a antique dealer and is only in town for the for a few weeks here and there for his father to buy things. Then he returns to Kingston where he lives.

       The book tells you a lot about stories that happened in the past. I wouldn't mind so much if these stories actually came up again and served a purpose, but many of them don't . Most of them are just pointless stories that are never really acknowledged later in the book.

       Overall I didn't like this book very much. It didn't hold my interest like I thought it would. A boy could read this book too. But I can't say which gender would like it more.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Need by Carrie Jones

Author: Carrie Jones
Pages: 306
Date Published December 23 2008
Publisher: Bloomsbury


       After Zara's stepfather has a heart attack,  Zara isn't doing much of anything, you could say that she is a shell of a person. In an attempt to get Zara  back to her old self, her mother sends her to Bedford Maine. Far away from her old neighborhood in Charleston, to live with her step-grandmother Betty.

       Zara is not happy in Bedford, she hates the cold and she hates that she's in the same place that her step-dad will never get to see again. Worst of all though, she's sure that she has a creepy stalker following her all the way from Charleston. With the help of her new friends, she finds out that he might be a little bit more than just a guy with crazy obsession with her. He might be a pixie. Not only that, but he might be a pixie king.

       Pixie kings need a queen, if a king goes too long with out a queen he goes crazy and loses his power. Soon, boys begin to disappear around the area, a telltale sign that the king is losing his power.

       The cover is just so pretty. The gold lips to me represent how pixie's are becoming a big part of Zara's life. At the bottom of the cover you can see black trees and the forest also plays a big part in the book.  


        I don't have a favorite character in this book but there are characters that I like.  For example Issie. She is always so happy and sweet to everybody she talks to. I also like Betty. She is tough and brave, and is willing to do anything to protect people, Especially Zara.
      At the beginning of the book she meets Nick Colt. It's pretty obvious that something is going to happen between them romantically, she spends a lot of time thinking about how beautiful he is. I mean, maybe he is cute, but he is also really bossy sometimes. Plus he always seems to be at the right place at the right time. Which is good but it happens so frequently, in reality I'd be wondering if he was following me too.

       This book was very good. I do think that girls will find this book more enjoyable then boys would. It does have romance. Also the main character is a girl and a lot of boys will not read a book with a girl as a main character. I would without a doubt read this book again.



Saturday, 5 January 2013

Crush. Candy. Corpse. By Sylvia McNicoll

Author: Sylvia Mcnicoll
Date Published: February 17 2012
Publisher: James Lorimer & CompanyPages 224

       Sonja "Sonny" Ehret is on trial for manslaughter.

       After being forced to do her forty volunteer hours in order to graduate at an Alzheimer's ward, she meets and and interacts with many of the residents. After about two visits she meets a boy named Cole Demers who visits his grandmother Helen regularly.
       When Sunny and Cole become friends, Cole confesses that his grandmother made him promise that when the disease progresses too far, he was to help her 'go.'

       When Sunny 's hours are finished, she returns to the Alzheimer's ward to visit Helen one more time. Ten minutes after she leaves Helen Demers is found dead in her room. Sunny was the last person to see her alive.

       The cover is Sonny showing of her trademark pink streaks with a black background. I like the cover because it's simple, and because of the pink streaks, there is no confusion that the cover is showcasing Sonny.

       If I had to pick a favorite Character, it would probably be Wolfgang. I know, he's not in the book all that much but in the part he is in, he is really nice. And for the record his name is pretty cool.

       I guess that Sunny and Cole are a little bit more than friends.  I was not a fan of their relationship. I found it annoying because Sonny has a boyfriend but she still lets Cole kiss her. PLUS Cole knows that Sunny has a boyfriend yet this still goes on. The relationship between them was not an aspect of the book that I enjoyed.
       This book was very enjoyable. I think that boys would enjoy this book too as long as they don't mind reading books with a female protagonist. I would read this book again in the future, and I would recommend this book to teens looking for a quick read whodunnit type read.