Sunday, 20 January 2013

Captivate By Carrie Jones

Author: Carrie JonesPages 273
Date Published: January 5 2010
Publisher: Bloomsbury


       In the Second book in the Need series, Zara's problems are far from over. She finds a wounded pixie in the woods about to die. Being the way that she is, she can't just walk away and let anything die. She saves the pixie but soon finds out that he is more than just a pixie. He is a pixie king. He wants to fight Zara's biological  father for his territory and his pixie's. To do that though, he will need to be a queen to make him stronger. If Zara were to become his queen, her being part pixie would make the whole process much easier. Of course she completely resents the idea of becoming a pixie, let alone becoming a queen. As things begin to fall apart in her life, she begins think that becoming a pixie queen may be the only way to hold things together.

       The new pixie kings name is Astley. I find him a better character than Nick is. He is nice and always calm and respects Zara and the decisions she makes.
       Issie and Devyen finally starts to acknowledge that they like each other. (Yay!) Plus Devyn's injury is makes a lot of progress throughout the book which is fantastic because in Need he was in a wheelchair.

       The cover of this is a gold eyelid with a gold tear running down a cheek. I like it because does have some sad moments in the book (Don't worry it has happy moments too.) I think I liked the cover of Need a little better though. I think it is because of the trees is the bottom of the Need cover that makes me like more.

Captivate was an excellent it held my interest.Though this book did lack some of the creepy elements that Need had.

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