Saturday, 5 January 2013

Crush. Candy. Corpse. By Sylvia McNicoll

Author: Sylvia Mcnicoll
Date Published: February 17 2012
Publisher: James Lorimer & CompanyPages 224

       Sonja "Sonny" Ehret is on trial for manslaughter.

       After being forced to do her forty volunteer hours in order to graduate at an Alzheimer's ward, she meets and and interacts with many of the residents. After about two visits she meets a boy named Cole Demers who visits his grandmother Helen regularly.
       When Sunny and Cole become friends, Cole confesses that his grandmother made him promise that when the disease progresses too far, he was to help her 'go.'

       When Sunny 's hours are finished, she returns to the Alzheimer's ward to visit Helen one more time. Ten minutes after she leaves Helen Demers is found dead in her room. Sunny was the last person to see her alive.

       The cover is Sonny showing of her trademark pink streaks with a black background. I like the cover because it's simple, and because of the pink streaks, there is no confusion that the cover is showcasing Sonny.

       If I had to pick a favorite Character, it would probably be Wolfgang. I know, he's not in the book all that much but in the part he is in, he is really nice. And for the record his name is pretty cool.

       I guess that Sunny and Cole are a little bit more than friends.  I was not a fan of their relationship. I found it annoying because Sonny has a boyfriend but she still lets Cole kiss her. PLUS Cole knows that Sunny has a boyfriend yet this still goes on. The relationship between them was not an aspect of the book that I enjoyed.
       This book was very enjoyable. I think that boys would enjoy this book too as long as they don't mind reading books with a female protagonist. I would read this book again in the future, and I would recommend this book to teens looking for a quick read whodunnit type read.


  1. My favorite character is Wolfgang too :)

  2. Wolfgang is an awesome name-there is a chef named Wolfgang Puck and I only remember that because of his awesome name! :)

    This book sounds really great-I'll put it on my to-read list.

  3. I highly recommend this book. She has written other books but I haven't read them. Maybe one day if I find one I'll read it but so far this is the only one I read.