Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Entice By Carrie Jones


Author: Carrie Jones
Pages: 266
Date Published: January 23 2011
Publisher: Bloomsbury
       Zara changed into a pixie queen to get Nick back from Valhalla. No matter what the cost she needs to get him back. Only, she doesn't actually know how to get to where Nick is. She does get many leads throughout the book with the help of her new king Astley. The first one brings them all the way to Iceland. Then to a bar. Last to Astley's freaky mother's house in New York. Finally the pixie council gives them the answer they need to get to the land of the gods. Now that Zara knows how to get to Valhalla, all she needs to do is convince the gods that Nick is needed more in Bedford more than he is needed in Valhalla  to fight the biggest war that may end the world.

       This book has two covers. On the cover of the book that  I borrowed had golden finger nails on the side of a face. The other cover that the book can have is Zara  blowing gold dust out of her mouth. In the background of the one that I had is what looks like smoke. On the bottom corner of the other edition is a small golden  tree. I think that they are both very pretty and I can't decide which one I like more.

       Zara still cares a lot for Nick but has put much of her trust in Astley. She has stopped doubting him even though many people in Zara's life are still skeptical about whether or not he is trying to set them up. Zara's mom comes up to Bedford. It is the first time she has seen her daughter since she turned pixie. Zara's mother expresses a lot of hate toward Astley for changing Zara. I can't really blame her. But the hate becomes so strong that Zara is convinced that her mother doesn't love her anymore.

       Entice was a very good book and was defiantly worth reading. At some points I found myself wishing that Zara would see that she was taking the whole, "We need Nick" and "I miss Nick" thing a little bit too far. Zara looses a lot of people and pixies in this book. At one point in the book Zara's mother says that one boy is not worth loosing all the people that she loves. I almost agree with her.

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