Monday, 7 January 2013

Need by Carrie Jones

Author: Carrie Jones
Pages: 306
Date Published December 23 2008
Publisher: Bloomsbury


       After Zara's stepfather has a heart attack,  Zara isn't doing much of anything, you could say that she is a shell of a person. In an attempt to get Zara  back to her old self, her mother sends her to Bedford Maine. Far away from her old neighborhood in Charleston, to live with her step-grandmother Betty.

       Zara is not happy in Bedford, she hates the cold and she hates that she's in the same place that her step-dad will never get to see again. Worst of all though, she's sure that she has a creepy stalker following her all the way from Charleston. With the help of her new friends, she finds out that he might be a little bit more than just a guy with crazy obsession with her. He might be a pixie. Not only that, but he might be a pixie king.

       Pixie kings need a queen, if a king goes too long with out a queen he goes crazy and loses his power. Soon, boys begin to disappear around the area, a telltale sign that the king is losing his power.

       The cover is just so pretty. The gold lips to me represent how pixie's are becoming a big part of Zara's life. At the bottom of the cover you can see black trees and the forest also plays a big part in the book.  


        I don't have a favorite character in this book but there are characters that I like.  For example Issie. She is always so happy and sweet to everybody she talks to. I also like Betty. She is tough and brave, and is willing to do anything to protect people, Especially Zara.
      At the beginning of the book she meets Nick Colt. It's pretty obvious that something is going to happen between them romantically, she spends a lot of time thinking about how beautiful he is. I mean, maybe he is cute, but he is also really bossy sometimes. Plus he always seems to be at the right place at the right time. Which is good but it happens so frequently, in reality I'd be wondering if he was following me too.

       This book was very good. I do think that girls will find this book more enjoyable then boys would. It does have romance. Also the main character is a girl and a lot of boys will not read a book with a girl as a main character. I would without a doubt read this book again.