Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Dead and Buried by Kim Harrington

Author: Kim Harrington
Originally titled: Glimmer
Pages: 295
Date Published: January 1 2013
Publisher: Scholastic Point

     Jade's family is average. They used to live in a small house in a small town. That changes when they can suddenly afford a beautiful big house in a great town. Of course she has to start at a new high school. She doesn't mind all that much. That is until people start whispering about the beautiful house she is currently living in. After snooping around in her dad's office she finds why her family was able to buy the house. Kayla, the former queen bee of the high school died in the house. Her death was caused by falling down the stairs, although some say that she was pushed. Of course the only person that would know the answer to that is Kayla. In the beginning of the book, Jade's brother Colby confides in Jade saying that he sees a glimmering girl. She talks but no words come out. Plus she's angry. Jade is worried about Colby, who never lies. She tries to tell her step-mother Marie but she completely denies the idea. Telling her dad would be completely useless seeing that he would probably agree with Marie anyway. Despite everything Jade leads an okay social life. Even that has it's flaws though. She has a crush on a boy named Donovan. Who happens to be Kayla's ex-boyfriend, and when she gets forced into throwing a party, someone brings a Ouija board to contact the ghost of Kayla. They get responses, saying that she didn't fall down the stairs, she was in fact pushed. But she didn't see who did it. Jade soon realizes that using the Ouija board was a big mistake. It opened a door, allowing Kayla to posses Colby whenever she wanted to. The first time she did, she commanded that Jade find who was responsible for her death. If she didn't, Colby would be the next one to "fall" down the stairs. Willing to do anything to protect her brother, Jade starts to investigate. She soon finds out that the people in her new town have more secrets than it seems.

       The Dead and Buried has two covers. The one that I have has, what I presume is Kayla lying dead. The other cover was a girl (probably Kayla) walking down the stairs you can't see her face it's more like a silhouette. I like this cover because it looks mysterious. I think both are gorgeous.

       I really liked all the characters in this book. Everyone of them were fantastic. They all had different personalties. Donovan was a gamer and an artist. Alexa is an overachiever. Colby is the sweet little boy. Kane is everybody is quick to judge, the list goes on. I have to say, my favorite character on the book is Donovan. He has been through a lot, and is so much more than what people see him as.
       Jade likes Donovan, The quiet, shy guy that still seems to be hung up on Kayla. She doesn't know what to do about him. Plus she doesn't have that much time to really get into a relationship, her brothers life at stake and all. Despite everything, they still become an item but need to keep it secret due to the fact that if Jade is going to find out who pushed Kayla, it might require a little bit of flirting. Also Jade is sure that dating her old boyfriend would not make her the happy.

       This book left me amazingly happy. The characters were great, and the mystery of who killed Kayla kept me guessing. I think this is more recommend girls, due to the fact that a large amount of the book has to do with Kayla's relationships with her old friends and boyfriends.

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