Thursday, 4 April 2013

End Of Days by Eric Walters

Author: Eric Walters
Pages: 320
Date Published: September 27 2011
Publisher: Doubleday Canada
        Our days are numbered. We have on average, seventeen years and four months. A large object is rushing toward earth and once it comes, humans will cease to exist. Within a twelve month period, the greatest minds on earth have mysteriously died. Or so everybody thinks. They have really been taken to study and prevent an asteroid from hitting the earth. As time ticks down, food becomes scarce and many die. Scientists are scrambling to find a way to destroy the asteroid, after a failed attempt to completely stop the asteroid, they are running out of ideas. But with the help of a teenage boy named Billy, and another scientist they have one last shot to stop the end of days from happening.


       I like the cover for the End of Days, it was very plain yet still looks nice, the rainbow colors in the title stand out nicely against the black background.

      I liked many of the characters in this book among my favorite is Billy. He was tough enough to survive years in the disastrous world yet he is still very kind. He puts in a great effort in being a leader. everywhere he goes. He to know everybody around him because he believes that everybody is important and that nobody should be forgotten. After years of not having much food, and disagreements between other people, you would think that, that would make him mean and full of hate, but despite all that he still has some kindness in him.
      A character that I didn't like as much would probably Mr. Sheppard. One of the great minds that was taken to help stop the asteroid. I found him boring at some points. He didn't really capture my interest for very long while I was reading the book.
       No love story in this book really, for a brief time Billy thinks about Christina but only for a few pages within the book. Billy and Christina never became an item.

      Overall, this book was alright. Most of the characters were pretty good. I am not a huge fan of Eric Walters but I am glad I gave this book a shot. It would be a great book for boys and girls to read if they are into a little bit of science fiction.

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