Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Vampire Stalker by Allison Van Diepen

Author: Allison Van Diepen
Pages: 272
Date Published: June 1 2011
Publisher: Point


       Amy, like many other people in Chicago, are obsessed with The Otherworld, a book series about a tall, handsome vampire stalker. His name is Alexander, and his entire life is devoted to killing a very powerful vampire named Vigo. Amy has spent more than a few days thinking about what it would be like if Alexander were real. One day after getting off the bus after dark, Amy is jumped by a man and is panicking, when suddenly a tall man comes to her rescue. Later when thanking him, she realizes his striking resemblance to the Alexander on the covers of the Otherworld series. After questioning him a little bit, Amy realizes that he really is the main character from the books. She also knows another thing. Vigo is here too, and Alexander won't leave until Vigo is either back in the Otherworld or dead. Soon people start showing up dead with two marks on the their necks. Amy knows that Vigo has began killing, but she and Alexander are no closer to capturing Vigo. Alexander then reads the Otherworld books that have him as the main character. He then discovers many secrets about Vigo that he didn't know before. Hes one step closer to killing Vigo and one step closer to going home.


        The Vampire Stalker has two covers. The one that I had, was a girl with her back turned and a man looking out from behind a wall, as a man is coming down the street. I love the mist in that cover, it makes it seem mysterious. The other cover is a girl with a sad/angry/scared expression on her face. With the same silhouette. I am usually not a fan of books having whole faces as the covers but I don't mind this one so much.

       I had some issues with the characters in The Vampire Stalker. For one, Amy seemed really unrealistic. A guy shows up from a book and she keeps going about her daily about her life, and thinks more then once about what it would be like to actually date Alexander. I mean, there is a vampire going around the city KILLING kids and she's thinking about what it would be like if she and Alexander were dating. Alexander was kind of boring too. Seeing that he comes from a different world, I would think he would be a little more interesting to read about.
       It's obvious that Alexander and Amy like each other throughout most of the book. Amy's is almost always thinking about Alexander and the relationship quickly becomes:
      Oh my gosh Alexander! I luv you!
      Slow down Amy. I know you love the books about him but please control yourself.


       Honestly, this book wasn't that great. As I said, Amy spends a lot of her time thinking about Alexander, While Alexander is more focused on trying to catch Vigo. I had not read anything else like this before, but I am sadly disappointed. 


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