Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Fallen by Lauren Kate

Date Published: December 8 2009
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Authors website:

       After a disaster that lands Lucinda (Luce) in a reform school, Luce is sure that nothing can get worse. Then she sees Daniel Grigori, an amazingly cute, strangely familiar guy. Who just so happens to want nothing to do with her. For weeks Daniel is nothing but mean to her, but Luce is determined to get to know him, and whatever secrets he may be hiding, no matter what the cost.

       The cover is actually really nice. (Am I the only one that really wants a pair of those gloves that she is wearing?)

       Is it bad that I really like Cam? I mean sometimes I really question my choices in fictional characters. I'm not talking about just in the beginning of the book, when Luce was trying to get a lot of her problems sorted out. I'm talking throughout the entire book. As in from page #1 all the way to page #452. I just really liked Cam, okay. Don't judge me.
       Luce seemed to have misplaced her personality. Or maybe she just never had one. All she did for this entire book was gush over Daniel for no good reason. Somebody tell me why she likes Daniel. He isn't funny, he isn't interesting, I got it! He's nice! Oh wait--No. No he's  not. Never mind.

       Daniel switches personalities in 2 seconds flat. First he'll be:
       Angry Daniel
       "Get the hell away from Luce, Cam you dirty little ^&%&*^*
       Possessive Daniel
       "Don't hang out with Cam, Luce"
       Then, rarely you will have the awkward, forced, romantic Daniel
       "You Luce, are the light of my life, the very air I am fortunate enough to breathe." *insert forced and awkward make out scene here*
         And the cycle repeats.

       I swear, I am the last one to hear about this. The casting just began last month-ish and should be filming in September. The general release has not been set. I won't be going to see this in the theaters, I mean, I don't think I could take all these mindless characters doing mindless things on the big screen. Please oh please, I am begging you universe, don't let this become the next Twilight. I don't think I could handle it

       This book was hard for me to finish. I didn't like the main characters so that made the whole book challenging to get through.

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