Sunday, 21 July 2013

Rosebush by Michelle Jaffe

Author: Michelle Jaffe
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 326 Date Published: December 7 2010
Published by: RazorBill

       Jane doesn't remember what happened the night of the party. Everybody Jane knows is trying to convince her that she was a victim in a hit and run. Since Jane is in the hospital unable to move all she can do is think. She knows that what everybody is telling her isn't true. Somebody tried to kill her. Unfortunately, she can barley recall the night of the party herself. So as her friends come to visit to help her remember what happened, she has to try to uncover the secrets that she has long since locked away.

       I like the roses on this cover, but while I was looking at this cover with somebody that I know, we noticed that you can see right up the girls nose. Not very attractive.

       Jane was not a good character. Jane is the girl that is popular, and mostly, she gets everything she wants. That said, I could not relate to her at all. She is the type of girl who thinks that everybody has to like her, which in books, and reality, is quite annoying.
       I didn't like Langley or Kate either. They are both just uninteresting rich girls.
       Oh yeah, and then we have how Kate says things that aren't questions, like questions. here's an example of when she does this in the book (The bold writing will be Kate) *NOT A SPOILER*
       "What's wrong?"
       "N-Nothing, I'm just tired?"
       After a while it becomes rather annoying.
       As for David and Jane. I didn't like this relationship. I guess it doesn't really help if I don't like either of them to begin with. I found David mean and irrational most of the time. Also, it really bugged me that David calls Jane 'lover lips.' I'm not a big fan of nicknames like that. Or how about the fact that instead of saying goodbye, he says, 'Stay Soft.' First of all,  what does that even mean? Stay...nice? Stay...happy? I don't even know.

       This book goes back and forth between the present day and Jane's memory. The times that it switches back are random because she suddenly remembers things about the party that she forgot about. I found the random switching okay, but sometimes confusing.
       I tried to like this book, I really did. I was super excited when I started to read it. Then you get to know some of the characters, and the excitement kind of wears off. Completely. And doesn't come back. Ever.

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