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Kiera's Quest: Awakenings by Kristy Bown

Publish Date: October 19 2011
Published By: MuseItUp

*Received from the author in exchange for honest review

       Kiera leads a pretty normal life, she has a small group of friends, and lives with her uncle, in a small town. Although, she always feels that something is missing. For years she has been dreaming of a different world. She gets chased by an unseen force, that is always getting closer and closer to catching her. But somebody always saves her. For years the same person has been saving her. It shouldn't matter though, because those are just dreams. Then she unintentionally meets Zakk. He is the prince of the world of Zantar, but the Witch Queen, has put a curse on him, turning him into a doll, so that she can rule the kingdom, and turn it into what ever evil thing that she desires.
       Even though Kiera just met Zakk, she somehow feel so connected to him. Like they have known each other forever, and she knows she has to help him.

       I don't really like the cover, I mean I guess it's just because I don't like the way the shadow looks, but at least the shadow is trying to make the cover look kind of spooky

The Witch Queen
       I wish that this book offered up a little bit of back story for the Witch Queen. Like maybe how she went about becoming the Witch Queen. Why did she want to rule Zantar so badly. This is a series though, so maybe you'll learn more about her in the sequel and so on.

Zakk and Kiera
       I know what you are thinking. Whenever you come across a book that with a male and female that have some sort of connection, you think,
        "Oh yay! insta-love! I'm so excited for the to declare their love for each other on the 20th page!"
       That is what I thought was going to happen, too. I am happy to be able to say that, that is most defiantly not what happened. In fact, nothing really romantic happens between them at all.

       This book was short, (only 75 pages) but pretty good. I would recommend this to younger teens that just want to get started in YA books, and that don't want something that is too complicated.

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