Saturday, 17 August 2013

The Cat Food Chronicles by Maya Pruett

       Callie Bryant, Hollywood's soon to be superstar, comes to town to play the role of Juliet in the long awaited production of Romeo and Juliet... The rock opera.
       Tragically, Callie dies on stage. But then come Lily, Holly, Spooky, and Detective Richardson: Two psychic sisters, one psychic cat, and a detective, get together determined to solve the crime.

Lily & Holly
       I liked Lily and Holly, I mean, they are psychic twins, and they they own a makeup/salon place! Plus, they are both quite nice most of the time. I'm slightly jealous of them...

       The cover is pretty plain, but the paw print in the C is cute.

Seeing Through Spooky's Eyes
       You see this story through the phychic cats eyes, which is different I guess, but it is kind of hard to follow. I think I would have preferred the story to be told through Lily or Holly

       The first thing that I need to mention is the grammar. I kept catching obvious mistakes. I'm not talking about a few missing commas, I'm talking about not using the correct version of your/you're or even no/know. The grammar started out fine, but once I caught one mistake, it went downhill.
       I found this book to have way too many cute back-stories that distract from the actual story at hand. Spooky (the cat/protagonist)  would go on and on for pages about what her favourite food was. It's fine to quickly mention things like that, and then come back to the story, but Spooky would constantly ramble on and on about a whole bunch of pointless things.

       I really had a tough time finishing this book. It was hard to get into the mystery of it because of all the back stories. It had a lot of potential to become a fun and quirky book, but alas it did not live up to that potential.



  1. Grammar mistakes drive me to distraction, but the spelling are worse. So many can be fixed with spell check...(shakes head sadly). Saw your post on Goodreads and stopped by. I followed you via GFC. Please check out my YA blog Once Upon a YA Book and if you haven't, you should join the Feature/Follow blog hop through


  2. I just can't handle a book with grammar/spelling mistakes :(

    Thanks for following me! I really like your blog as well :)