Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Fall Of Venus by Daelynn Quinn

Very sorry about the blurriness of this cover. If your wondering it says 'The Fall Of Venus and it has an infinity fly on it. :) 
Author: Daelynn Quinn
Format: Paperback
Date published: July 19 2013
Publisher: Createspace independent Publishing Platform


       After a virus that has wiped out 93% of the population, Pollen wakes up in the woods  and doesn't remember much of the past few weeks. Pollen has no idea why she is in the woods nor does she know why she has a tattoo on the side of her face, but she is determined to stay alive and away from bounty the bounty hunters that will stop at nothing to capture her. She soon meets Marcus, a boy in the same situation as her, and together they try to come up with a plan to rescue her niece, Evie from a refugee camp that different intentions then they let everybody know

       OHHHHH so that's what an infinity fly looks like.  It was described pretty well in the book, I was just trying to figure out how the eyes form the infinity symbol, but yeah, it makes sense now.

Pollen and Marcus
       I knew this was going to happen. Regardless of the fact that Pollen is engaged. I knew it. I am quite happy with the fact that although Pollen feels as though she knows Marcus, they don't just start being all couple-y. I extremely liked the fact that for a little while Marcus refused to become involved with her because he didn't want to be used an thrown away.

       Oh Glenn, such mixed feelings I have about you. One minute he is doing something completely stupid and betraying people, the next minute he's like:
       "Oh Pollen! I know I crossed the line (Again) but I want you to know that I will always care about you."
       Alright cool Glenn, you know what you should do? pick a side and stick to it. Thanks.

        I loved learning about Crimson it was really interesting. Also, while you are learning about Crimson, the author makes everything relatively easy to follow, which is always good.

       I really liked the concept of this book, and the story is easy to follow and really interesting to read .

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