Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Forest of Aisling by D.S Elstad

       I apologize for not posting a review in such a long time. Things have been getting quite busy!

*Received from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Author: D.S Elstad
Format: Paperback
Pages: 440
Date published: December 4 2013
Publisher: Pepper Publishing

       When Willow's grandmother--whom she has never met, dies in Ireland, Willow is forced to accompany her father at the funeral.
       Willow knows nothing of her grandparents, due to a falling out between her father and his parents had years ago. The little bit that Willow has been able to find out about her grandmother has sent her reeling. Before Willow's grandmother died, she housed a secret few people in her life knew about. As it turns out that secret, has just became Willow's life.

       I don't have much to say about the cover other than I really like the font that the cover is in.

       Willow is a really awesome realistic main character most of the time. The only gripe that I had with her was I found that she accepted things a little to quickly sometimes, but other than that I really liked her.

       I LOVED Bram, Willow's love interest. I loved the fact that he is deaf because you don't stumble upon that very often. He lost his hearing when he was eleven, so he still sounds normal when he talks and has no trouble forming words.
       I often find that when a book has a love story, the couple is just so perfect. PEOPLE ARE NEVER PERFECT. Cliche but true, and the fact that Bram have flaws like regular people makes me extremely happy.

Mythology Factors
       The mythology in this book is HUGE do not ignore anything it says about any of the gods.
       Anyway, I love mythology, and if it is Celtic mythology? Yes please
       I liked how wit explained the mythology in this book.It didn't drone on and on for pages, It would explain something, leave it alone for about a chapter, and then go back to it. Giving you time to take it all in.

       This book did have spots where I wanted to stop reading, not completely give up on it, just put it down for a while. Things just stopped happening completely.

       I liked this book a lot, and I would recommend it to people who love mythology, since it offers a great twist on it.

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