Friday, 6 September 2013

The Great Debate! #1 Ebook vs. Print Book.

       Recently, I thought that it would be fun if I got together with somebody that blogs, and made a post on something. So I contacted Katie Cohen over at the-quiet-girl-talks. And asked her if she would like to help me with a post about debating eBooks vs physical books.
       I am going to share my thoughts on why I think a physical book is better, and Katie is going to share her thoughts on why she thinks that eBooks are better.

Print Books
       I have made my argument into a list:

       #1. You can read printed books outside in the sun. When you try to read a eBook in the sun, the screen goes all dark and you can't see any of the words.

      #2. Printed books don't break as easily. If you drop your  book on the floor, you don't really have to worry about it being broken. You just pick it up without a second thought. Whereas if you  drop a eReader on the ground. You generally become pretty worried that you broke it.  

       #3. You don't need anything to other than the book if you want to read.-- This one is pretty simple. If you want to read a printed book, all you need is the book. Well and the ability to read of course.

    #4 You can share them. If somebody I know wants to borrow one of my books off my shelf, I can lend it to them and then I can lend it to a whole bunch of other people if I wanted. Don't really have that option with an eBook do you?

     #5 You can read print books on a plane. If you were on a plane, and you brought your eReader for the flight, you wouldn't be able to use it. You would have to turn it off. Then oops, you don't have a book to read

     #(Not as big a deal) But books just look so nice on shelves.-- I just love looking over at my bookshelf and seeing all the beautiful PRINTED books on the shelves :)

       And on to Katie!

they're so convenient! Here are the pros to eBooks:
- If you're like me, then you never travel without books. So you could either bring ten big, heavy print books that will be knocked around in your luggage,orrr you could bring a super light and small eReader with 100 books on it! The answer seems pretty obvious to me.

- Say you've decided to finally read 50 Shades of Grey. Do you really want to go to the bookstore and have everyone judge you? Do you want to be restricted to reading it alone in your room? No! Well if you have the eBook, then you can read your smut, I mean book, wherever you want!

- BOOK SAMPLES! Have you ever bought a book and then ended up not liking it? Well problem solved, just read a sample and hopefully you can tell whether it's for you or not! Then you're not spending money on something you don't like.

- 99% of the time, eBooks are way cheaper! There are so many amazing books for under five dollars, where you'd be paying 20 for the print version. And for people who read a lot like me, saving money is definitely a big pro.

- LESS TIME! You're on the fourth book in the Vampire Academy series and you need to know what happens NOW! All you have to do is click a button, and BAM, you have the next book in under 60 seconds! Is that awesome or what? And when a new book comes out, you can get it right when it's released! No more waiting.

- They're physically easier to read. With eBooks, it's so much easier to get comfy:)

- You can read in the dark! Most eReaders light up so you can easily read at night. Then you save energy by not having the lights on, you won't wake anybody up, and you can read peacefully before going to sleep.

- You can't read and eat when you have a print book, or else you have to keep trying to hold the pages down and it's super annoying and difficult. But with an eBook, you only need one hand or you could even prop it up on something so you don't need to hold it at all! What's better than books and food!?

- You can take notes and highlight easily for a review.

- You can change the size and font.

- No paper cuts!

- They save trees!


  1. I'm torn on this subject. I own a grip (400+) of physical books to the point where there isn't a whole lot of space for more. I agree that they look so pretty on shelves! I love my ereader though since I can save money, time, AND space by purchasing books on it instead. The issue I do have with that though is I have to remember to charge it and then there are some books I read on my ereader that I feel like I should totally own in book form (to show off). This topic will forever be debated!

    1. It is a very hard thing to agree on, they both have pros and cons. I agree that this topic will be forever debated, but I had a blast working on it with Katie!

  2. I honestly like them both! I love my printed books but I love the ease of eBooks too....sigh. New Follower Please stop by and give a follow if you like what you see, I appreciate it :)

    1. I know! It's so hard to decide. I. Just. Can't. Pick. One.

      Of course I'll look at your blog :)