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Wicked Hunger by DelSheree Gladden


*Received from the author in exchange for honest review

Author: DelSheree Gladden
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 240
Publisher: GMTA Publishing
Publish date: July 9 2013
Author website: Here

       Vanessa'Van' and her brother Zander are plagued by a hunger.A hunger to cause pain, and a hunger to kill. Certain people bring out the hunger, and when Ivy, a mysterious new student comes to school, It arouses both Van and Zander's hunger. That's never happened before, they have never both felt the hunger for the same person. But the hunger that Ivy brings out is strong. Stronger than they have ever felt before. Van knows that something is up with Ivy and that she is hiding more than she will tell. Van is going to uncover Ivy's secrets, even if she has to do it alone.

       I don't really know what the circle is on the cover, but the knife and the fire effect looks cool

Switching of POV's
       The book switches POV's once every 2 chapters. In case you get super confused about who's point of view that you are reading, Van's chapters have ballet shoes, and Zander's have a picture of a football helmet.

Van & Ketchup
       I liked Van and Ketchup. They have a history together that, because of Zander's hunger, was forced to end. They still have feelings for each other, and Ketchup makes his feeling obvious. Although Van wants to give in to Ketchup, she knows that she can't, because it won't be safe for him.
       I liked how even though Van can't tell him exactly why they can't be together, she refuses to give him false hope that they could ever date again.

      I wanted to punch Zander in the face this entire book. This is what he sounds like.
      "Ivy so dangerous. But I love her. I can't let her go" Shut up Zander, you don't love her.
       "I think we can make this work" Shut up Zander. You're going to kill her.
       "I don't know how long I can control myself with Ivy..." Good Zander, your getting it, now just get up and leave.
       "...but I love her. I need her in my life." ANNNND you lost it.
       Plus, Van's hunger wants to kill her too! Zander made Van give up Ketchup because of his hunger toward Ketchup. It's simple. Van had to let go of Ketchup, and you have to let go of Ivy. You JUST met her, it shouldn't be that hard.
       It's also because of Zander's ridiculous 'love' for Ivy that I found his POV hard to get through

        Zander's hunger and Van's hunger crave in different things. Zander's hunger craves slow planned out kills. Like when animals stalk prey. Van's hunger craves messy and aggressive kills. It was a cool aspect to the story to have the hunger be different for different people.

       Aside from Zander, I really liked everything in this book. The concept of the hunger drew me in immediately and I was not disappointed.

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