Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Call for Beta Readers for YA Horror MS!

       So, one of my best blogging friends, Inky Fox, who blogs at YA Lit Reviews From a Librarian, and reviews at  The Surreal Grotesque is looking for beta readers for her YA Horror MS. An agent became interested in her work, but right now, she needs some beta readers. If you want to know more about her, her manuscript, or you would like to contact her, here is the link to her blog  YA Lit Reviews From a Librarian Here is the supplied blurb:

   "Tourist destination Star Harbor has picturesque waters, beaches, lighthouses, and residents. For moody teenager Brent, these things mean nothing. His crush rejected him publicly. His parents are divorcing and they fight over custody of the dog instead of him. They ignore him and obsess over ruining each other’s lives. Deciding to end it all he goes to a secluded beach of black rocks. He is about to throw himself in when a beautiful girl surfaces from the water. Her name is Nerin and she is half woman, half fish-a mermaid. Love binds them together and he swears to protect her. 

A mermaid’s duty is to punish unjust men, and she enlists Brent to help her locate deserving offenders. Believing that she intends to scare them, he gladly sends his school bullies to her.
But there is something else is amiss in Star Harbor. Men have been going missing, with their body parts and entrails washing ashore. Somewhere in this mess is Nerin, and Brent has to keep afloat before he is in too deep to save himself." 

       You don' t have to write too much about  her book. she just wants to know if you actually enjoyed reading it.  So  go on, what are you waiting for, be the awesome people I know you can be and go contact her!


  1. Aww thanks for spreading the word :D

    1. Anytime :P I hope more people contact you soon!

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