Saturday, 29 November 2014

The Forgetting by Nicole Maggi

Sorry it's so small,
Author: Nicole Maggi
Format: Paperback
Pages: 352 
Expected publication date: February 3, 2015  
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

                Georgie Kendrick’s heart was failing. She was going to die. Lucky for her, a match was found just in time to save her life. When she wakes up, nothing is right. She has a taste for strawberries despite the fact that she is deathly allergic to them. She has memories of sleeping in cold, dark basements although she has a beautiful warm house. With gaining these new memories, she’s losing some of hers. She can’t remember last summer, last Christmas, important dates and happy occasions are disappearing from her memory replaced with ones that she doesn’t want. Georgie’s certain that it has something to do with her new heart. After some digging she finds that her heart donor had fallen out of the foster system and lived a life on the streets, living a life where her body is sold to anybody who will pay. Her cause of death was documented as a suicide, but Georgie needs to find out the truth before she loses everything that makes her, her.

                The cover is nice. I like the font and the effect on the title.

                Georgie was an alright character. She’s reckless, very, very, reckless. At some points I can understand why, but at others, I wish she would have thought a little bit more. Not everything is always about her. It’s not only her life in danger all the time. Other people are involved and at points she is putting people at risk for plans that she thought so little about.

                I liked Nate. He spends his time between working at Starbucks and helping trafficked girls get back on track with their life. Lately, it’s been tough for me to come across a male character who has a purpose other than to be the romantic interest. Even tougher for me to find a male character that shows more emotion than just love, for that romantic interest. What I’m saying is, I like that sometimes Nate gets angry at the decisions that Georgie makes. I like that he isn't always great and super happy and perfect.

                I wish that the author would have gone into more details about certain things. I find that some events that should be big aren't dwelled upon long enough. I wish that the author had gone into more detail about what happened with Sarah and things like that. Also, I desperately wish that a prologue had been written. Did Nate continue with helping the trafficked girls like I hope he did? Did Georgie? Did Georgie get her memories back? Did her and Nate stay together? I HAVE QUESTIONS.


                Overall, I liked this book. I’m not entirely sure I would read it again, but mystery elements and characters kept me interested.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Gone Too Far by Natalie D. Richards

Author: Natalie D. Richards
Format: Paperback
Pages: 304
Author Website
Author Twitter
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Expected Publication Date: January 6, 2015 

       Piper Woods is just like any average high school senior. Ready to leave the bustling hallways behind, and excited for the change of a college that she's been waiting for. She isn't popular, but she has friends, a good place on the yearbook committee to express her love for photography, and despite her parents crumbling marriage, she's pretty happy. Until Piper finds a notebook filled with many accounts of student sin. She tries to write it off as a joke until pretty, popular, Stella dies after a sex tape starring her goes viral. Piper saw Stella before she died, at school being teased about the tape. Piper knows she could have done something to stop it. But she didn't. Soon-after, Piper receives an anonymous text, proposing that if she sent a name of somebody who has done wrong, they could make it right, and for the first time in ages, justice could be served. All Piper has to do is text a name...

       I like the cover. I especially like that the camera that Piper almost always has throughout the book was included.

       I loved Piper as the protagonist. She is flawed, but not in ways that make me want to throw the book at the wall in annoyance, but in ways that make her realistic. Most of all, what I absolutely love about her is that she actually thinks about things before she acts. Another thing I really love about the character of Piper is that she has interests. Namely, photography. I feel like in many books the author will mention a talent or something that a character likes, and then and never mention it in the book again. Piper's love of photography is consistent throughout the book and it makes her interesting, because like any actual human being Piper has plans and didn't count on life throwing her a curve-ball. Lastly, it's not that important, but I really like the name Piper.

       Nick was the only character I had a problem with. He doesn't really have much of a personality. He's just, perfect. Nevertheless, I liked the relationship between Piper and him, I didn't feel like it moved to quickly or didn't progress at all.

Manny & Piper
      I don't really have much to say about Manny individually, but Piper and Manny's friendship however, is great. I am so, so happy that the book didn't lean towards a love triangle between them. I have read so many books where the two best friends fall in love and I suspected that, that was how it was going to play out in this book. It didn't. It did however state that Piper and Manny  dated before and it didn't work out, which in some ways is realistic. Just because people are best friends does not mean that a relationship would work out.
The Notebook and Texts (*Jumping right into pretty big spoilers here!)
       I would just like to point out that it doesn't make sense for the notebook and the texter to be two different people. The timing is just way too convenient. Any logical person would try to link it together. I mean sure, you could find a book full of student sins and then get texts telling you that you can help make them pay all in the same week, but it is very, very unlikely.

       I loved this book. The characters were great and the mystery kept kept me guessing. If a series of books ever came out with a protagonist like Piper, I would be all for it. I think that boys and girls would enjoy this book, as long as they are up for a mystery. I couldn't put this book down, and I would definitely read it again.

Friday, 7 November 2014

The Clique by Valarie Thomas

Author: Valerie Thomas
Format: Paperaback

Introduction (official synopsis)
      The Clique is the story of Audrey Hughes, and the attempt of a boy to win her over by bringing her down. Manipulating her friends, poisoning her relationships, and tearing at her family; Devon will stop at nothing to get what he wants. But Audrey isn’t so easily ruined. She fights for her friends, pulling closer even when they would push her away.

       The cover, is beautiful. It looks as though it is sketched into paper with a pencil and I love it. Though, I do not believe that it is fitting for the story. I think a more fitting cover may have been Audrey and her friends, since the book centers around friendship. All that aside, though. It is very appealing to the eyes.

       The book mostly centers around Audrey, but also has little bits of her friends, Hannah, Maddie, and Kate. I found that they were all kind of the same. Other than the fact that Audrey hates cussing and is admittedly a virgin. All of the girls in this book are the same popular teenage girl I am tired of reading about. In fact, they were so the same, that I kept getting confused as which girl was dating  what  guy and little things like that.

    Hannah, Maddie, Audrey and Kate throw parties and drink and fool around with guys frequently in the book, which I found boring and just a way to make the girls look "edgy" and "badass" I for one, wasn't buying it for one minute.

       This book didn't hold my attention at all. The characters were worn out and tired, the drama inside was boring and childish. I wouldn't read this book again. Would I ever recommend this book? Maybe. Not necessarily for young adults. This book might be better suited for a middle-grade audience. 

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Be the Death of Me By Rebecca Harris

Author: Rebecca Harris
Format: Paperback
Author Website
Publication Date: August 25 2013
Publisher: Phoenix Flying Inc.

        Four years ago, Billie Foster had it all. Friends, a boyfriend, a nice school, beauty, and then in a mysterious school fire, she lost everything. Including her life. In her afterlife, she was given a position. Guardian. Her job, to keep the living alive. Billie, isn't exactly the greatest at her job, testing the patience of her Captain and the all important Elders. Her latest assignment: Benedict Ford. A teenager with not much of a social life, lives with his grandmother. He is still alive, but somebody is out to kill him regardless of if he knows that or not.
       Because of the fact that Billie doesn't have the best track record, her captain assigns her a partner. Tucker. Tucker and Billie have met, when they were alive, even though the memory of Tucker has escaped Billie, it is something that even in death, Tucker won't forget.
       Traditionally, living people should not be able to see guardians, but Ford is an exception, and this has made everything much more interesting than it was ever meant to be.

       I don't mind this cover, which actually comes as a surprise to me since I don't often like covers with characters faces on them. Soo...*Thumbs up*

       I liked Billie, her snark an sarcastic comments kept things fresh.

       Tucker, the responsible one in the partnership, he was obviously less amusing but he kept things balanced so it wasn't all jokes all the time.

       Ford was also, quite amusing at times, especially because he has guardians that he can see, and talk to. It was funny to read about him trying to make sense of everything that is happening to him. Including the whole, someone-is-out-to-kill-me thing.

Mystery elements
      Be the Death of Me is written in alternating POVs, meaning it isn't always focused on exactly who is trying to kill him, but when it comes to the point of the book where you do find out who is out to get Ford, I can't say that I called it. I wasn't necessarily surprised. But I didn't figure it out right away.

Love Triangle (?)
       The book was written like a love triangle should happen, between Billie, Tucker, and Ford. But I wan't sold on it. I mean, yeah, Billie and Ford kind of flirt sometimes, sort of. But obviously, it can't happen, Billie is dead for crying out loud,

       The spelling in this book isn't great. I counted so many mistakes. Published books should not have mistakes.  Let me repat that. Published books should not have mistakes.Spelling is such an easy fix, too. Although the spelling is the only problem I had with this book, it's a pretty big problem

       This book was a very enjoyable read for me, aside from the spelling I was extremely happy reading this book.

Monday, 22 September 2014

30 Day Book Challenge Day 3

       On to the third day of the challenge. Props to me for staying with this so far. Today my question is:

        What's your favourite series?

       Truthfully, I don't know what my favorite series is, but I think that the Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu has the potential to take that title, although I have only read the first book. (Review here) I love this book so much. Like a lot. But I really don't want to go into a long winded rant about the greatness that is this book but let me just say that the story is so great, and Day is great, and June is great 99% of the time, and everything is just great.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

30 Day Book Challenge Day 2

I'm back with the second day of the book challenge, today my question is...

       Name a book you have read more than 3 times

       I don't really re-read the books I have unless I really, really, love them, and I have to wait at least a year before reading them again. That being said, although I have not read the same book 3 times. I did read Carrie Jones' Need series twice. The first time I read them, it was because they were recommended to me. The second time I read them, it was because I really loved them, plus I wanted to review them on my blog (review of Need, here. Review of Captivate, here. Review of Entice, here and finally, review of Endure here.) Fun fact, Need was the second book I ever reviewed, right after Candy, Crush. Corpse.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

30 Day Book Challenge Day 1


        I realize that this post is late. My post scheduling thing isn't working very well. Anyway, the question I have to answer today is:

What is the best book you read last year?

       I would have to say that the best book I read last year would have to be This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers (review here) I guess it's just a generic zombie story to most people, but this is the only zombie novel I have read, so I think it's awesome.

Monday, 15 September 2014

30 Day Book Challenge

       I haven't been posting lately, but I would like to get back into it, So I am going to complete the 30 Day Book Challenge. That way, I am posting every day although the posts will be small. Anyway, I will be starting this challenge tomorrow, and I would just like to point out that I was not the creator
of this challenge, and blah, blah, blah.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Chat with me Thursday #8: Author interview with Isabella Modra #2

       And Isabella is back with me for another interview! Check out the first one,  focusing on her first book here

1. Was writing E&I easier or more difficult than writing Rouge?

It easy and difficult in different ways, to be honest. Harder, because I was in Canada and didn't have all the resources I needed at my fingertips, and also because I had to keep checking Rouge to make sure I was following the story whilst also setting things up for book 3.
It was easy though because I had a good idea of where I wanted the story to go before I started writing it, so I didn't quite feel so lost. There were a few major changes I made at the last minute, and the cover was certainly harder to create, but I really enjoyed writing E&I. I loved how Hunter transformed through her suffering and learnt to live on her own without Joshua.

2. Are any of the characters you write inspired by people in your life?

Um... when I was in Canada, I met a ton of different young people who didn't necessarily 'inspire' the characters, but gave me traits to draw from. Some of the names in E&I are also directly from people that I met :)

3. Is Josh still your favorite charter to write?

Joshua-UA :) (haha. Oops!)
I actually really enjoy writing about Zac. His comedy in E&I is a relief for the darkness and torture and, to be honest, I could write an entire book in his perspective and have a great time doing it.
Joshua, however, is my favorite character to write about alongside Hunter. After doing joint POV in E&I, I was able to explore both characters more than Rouge. And I'm in love with their relationship in book 3, which I'm writing adamantly right now.

5. Many different personalities were introduced in this book, was it difficult to include all these new characters?

The difficult part was remembering all the characters amidst the action, because I want to focus on Hunter and her emotions as she watches the events take place, but I have to remember the other characters and what they're thinking and planning and especially their powers and capabilities - they're not on mute while Hunter is in the spotlight. It's hard to give them challenges when some, like Fearne or Ryo, have the most powerful abilities in the ability lottery. I have to cater for them too ;)

6. Overall, how are you enjoying the experience of being an author?

I could not imagine doing anything else with my life. I'm at a point now where I'm trying to plan the next few years of my life, but literally all I can see is myself in an apartment in London or Edinburgh or New York writing all day long (which is what I do now, basically). I have big dreams.

7. (now for a fun question) You play guitar right? What was the first song you learned to play?

Taylor Swift's 'Fearless'. I was fourteen, and I heard a live acoustic version of the song (this was before she started becoming famous). I thought to myself 'I have to learn that song'. I picked up my dad's really expensive Maton 6-string and taught myself. I sounded like an orangutan playing guitar backwards when I first started, but I kept playing until finally I knew how to strum and sing at the same time :)
The girls I taught guitar to last year laugh at how many Taylor Swift songs I know how to play.

8. You also travel a lot. Any favorite places?

It's hard to answer that, because some of my favorite places are only my favorite because of the memories I have there. In terms of actual locations, I loved Edinburgh because of its connection to J.K Rowling and how at home I felt there, as with London and New York. I loved Hopfgarten in Austria because of the beautiful hills and the culture. I loved living in Canada and working at the ski resort because I feel like I left a part of myself there and if I went back, it wouldn't feel like travelling, it would feel like home. But if someone were to ask me if I've been to a certain place, and I have, I would say I loved it anyway. Being somewhere else is magical and exciting and I'm addicted to it.

       It was a pleasure to have you back here, Isabella!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Cathy's Book

Cathy’s life has never been fantastic, her dad is dead, the relationship she has with her mom isn't the best either, but when she goes to tell off her ex, Victor, for breaking up with her without reason, she raises a whole lot of questions. Such as, what does Victor’s dead co-worker, a needle-like mark on her arm, and many Chinese elders have to do with the fact that Victor left? What could Victor be up to?

                I really like the cover for this book, this book is written in a diary-style, so I found the simple cover fitting.

                Cathy is all too curious, just as her friend Emma says. She gets herself into risky situations to find out what is going on with Victor, which in some cases I find unrealistic, for example, when she made her way into Victor’s office. Yeah. Sure.

                Victor the mysterious ex-boyfriend. He isn't physically in a lot of scenes, but every situation that Cathy gets stuck in has something to do with him.

                If you have ever read a book written in this style, it is common to find a date, maybe a time of day, because that would probably be included in a real diary,  but something unique about this particular book is that it doesn't really include a traditional time. Instead when starting a new entry it’ll say something like,

Feb. 5, Afternoon
(Hour of June at the Reception Desk
Feb. 4, Early Morning
(Hour of the Angry E-mails)

             I don’t know why I liked the fact that they made the date like this. I just do.

Extra Material
                Inside the front cover, extra material is included in a pouch, and it’s so cool. Including, a napkin, a picture mentioned in the book, certificates business cards (with numbers you can actually call) and a whole bunch of other awesome stuff, I loved that they included these things. It sets it apart from other diary-style written books.


This book was an easy read for me. I really enjoyed it. It is however the first book in a trilogy, if I hadn't been told that the book wasn't a standalone, I probably wouldn't have known. It ends with a peacefulness that I find entirely fitting.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Bad News...

       So, my laptop broke. It's old, it's okay. May my laptop rest in peace. Anyway now I need to use an old computer that I have to share. Anyway, for now, my post are going to be next to none. Which means, for the authors that are awaiting reviews, I am probably not going to be able to complete them for a while. Nothing loads correctly on this computer. My deepest apologies. This also means that I am not accepting any reviews for a long time, just in case anybody was waiting with baited breath, just hoping that I am going to review their book, I am now unable to. Again, it deeply saddens me, and I am sorry.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Fault in our Stars by John Green

Author: John Green
Author Website
Author Twitter
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 313
Publication Date: January 12 2013
Publisher: Dutton Books

       Hazel Grace has never been anything but terminal. Living with Thyroid cancer, and lungs that "suck at being lungs," everything has just been about extending her time here on earth, not about curing her. When her mother decided that she was depressed, she insisted that Hazel attend a Cancer Support group, each equally as boring and sad as the next. Until one day in walks Augustus Waters. A charming, attractive, Osteosarcoma/amputee survivor, who takes an interest in Hazel immediately. Watch as two far from normal teenagers fall into a beautifully sad kind of love.

       I liked Hazel's character, I found her very realistic. She has to be connected to oxygen almost constantly thanks to her illness, but I liked how she knew that her illness does not define her, and for she had some pretty humorous moments through out the book.

       Oh, sweet, charming, Augustus. How I have watched girls on the internet fangirl over you. Augustus somehow manages to be perfect--even with his old illness, and a prosthetic leg--without being snobby. I really don't have much to say about him other than the fact that now I understand why people fangirl over him.

       Isaac was a great addition to the story, and I honestly don't think I would like the book as much without him. He makes the book more then just a sad love story.

Hazel's Parents
       I thought Hazels parents were really nice, and adorably sweet most of the time, the only exception being when Hazel needed to go see Gus, and her parents were upset about her leaving all the time. I mean, I understand that they want to see Hazel too, but Gus has literally days to live. And as she pointed out, when Gus goes, she will be home every night.

Conclusion (I ranted a little, here.)
       I waited so long to read this book mostly because it's freaking expensive, but when I got it as a gift, I was overjoyed. The characters are amazing, and very realistic and this book is great. I love it. I already knew how the book ended, before I read the book, and I told myself not to get attached to the characters but I did. I did. I did. Despite the fact that I already knew how it would end, and I loved every minute of being attached to these wonderful characters. And for a final note. Before somebody says something like "You only read the book because a movie is in theaters now." I had been wanting to read it since I heard about it, I just didn't have the book at my disposal. Before all the people go around saying things like "To all the real fans of TFIOS. The people that read the book before it was a movie" Or... "You are only a real fan if you read it before it was cool." Anybody can be a fan of anything they want. Watch I'll determine a fan.

Have you read the book and or watched the movie?

If you answered yes, proceed to the next question

Did you like it?

If you answered yes, boom. I consider you a fan.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Liebster Blog Award!

       I have been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award again! Let me first begin with this speech.
       "I would like to thank my mother, my father, and my wonderful siblings for showing me my love for reading, making sure it blossomed like the most beautiful rose after a shimmering rain."

       No. Let me start again, I'm a tad nervous, I'm not good in front of 52 followers.

        "I would like to thank the academy..."  *Winning smile.*
       Okay, I'll be serious now. I would like to thank Natasha from Natasha's Little World for nominating me. Anyway, onto the 10 questions I must answer to accept this award.

1. What is your favorite part of blogging?
       I don't even know what my favorite part of blogging is. I enjoy writing reviews. So, yeah. I guess writing reviews.

2. Who is your idol
       I don't even have an idol. I don't think I have ever idolized anybody, but I guess if I had to choose somebody that I really like it would probably be Jennifer Lawrence. Aside from the fact that she is an amazing actress, she sets a really good example for girls, showing them that they can be beautiful even though that they aren't considered "skinny." I also admit I watch her interviews Youtube, because she always says something funny.

3. Who is your favorite book character?
       This question is very hard. I mean, sure I have characters that I love, but I always choose a character from a book that I have recently read, because they are fresh in my mind. So, the character might not be my my favorite ever, but it is at least my favorite in the newest bunch of books that I have read. So without further ado, I choose Isaac from TFIOS
4. favorite song/artist.
       Ummmmm...I guess Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day. I can't believe that, that song was released 10 years ago...anyway, I also like almost anything by 3oh!3, Mayday Parade, or All Time Low. I think my favorite song by 3oh!3 is probably I'm not the One. My favorite song by Mayday Parade is probably Stay, and my favorite song by All Time Low is either Me Without You or Reckless and The Brave. WAIT WAIT. I also really like The Party Song by Forever the Sickest Kids. OR Your Gonna go far Kid by The Offspring. OR Teenagers by My Chemical Romance. OR A March Into Water by Pierce the Veil.

       Alright, obviously I can't choose a favorite. But it's safe to say that I don't like any country...or One Direction...or Justin Bieber...or Miley Cyrus

5. Best friends name?
       HAHHAHAHAHAHA...I don't have friends. I mean, I have like 3...I don't really want to name them, but I don't think you really care who my best friends are anyway.

6. Favorite series?
I don't really know what series is my favorite. I like a lot. I can't even. I suck at answering these questions. Darn.

7. Best quality?
       Physical quality? or like, personality-wise? I'll answer both then. Physically, everybody always tells me that I have nice eyes. They're blue You jelly? Don't be, it's not that big of a deal. Personality wise, sometimes I'm funny.

8. Favorite genre?
        My favorite genre is defiantly dystopia. No questions asked.

9.  Perfect world?
        I have no idea what this question means, but I think in the perfect world. I would be a bestselling author, and I would have a tame fox as my loyal companion. (Although a hedgehog would hurt either.)

10. Books most recommended?
        The books  that I recommend to people depend on who I am talking to and what they are interested in. I find myself usually recommending, Divergent by Veronica Roth. Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi (Though it's not for everybody) or Legend by Marie Lu

       Okay, so I know I'm supposed to nominate 10 people, but I can't. So I am nominating one person, so everybody give a warm congratulations to...Lauren, aka Pink Avenger over at Pink Avenger Prime. I love her blog!

My questions for you are:

1. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
2. Did you do the design for your blog? (It's beautiful!)
3. Why did you stat blogging?
4. Do you have a book that you regret reading?
5. If you could hang out with one protagonist would it be and why?
6. Who is your OTP?
7. Do you have any book character relationship that you strongly dislike?
8. If you could change one book ending, what book ending would you change, and what about it?
9. If you could interview one author-living or dead-who would it be, what would you ask said person.
10. Any stand-alone novel you wish would have a sequel?

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Born at Midnight by C.C. Hunter

Author: C.C Hunter
Format: Paperback
Pages: 398
Author Website
Date Published: March 29 2011
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

         Everything in Kylie's life is falling apart. Her parents are getting a divorce, she feels that her dad doesn't love her like he used to, she's still grieving over her dead Nana, and to make matters even worse, she has a stalker that only she can see. Her shrink, Ms. Day, convinces her mom to send Kylie to Shadow Falls, a summer camp for juvenile teens after she gets stuck at the wrong party. Kylie wants nothing to do with the juvenile kids at the camp, and right when she gets on the bus, she can tell that something is off about these kids. Kylie is at the camp all of five minutes when she is informed that everybody at the camp is supernatural. Vampire's, witches, fae, werewolves, and even a few necromancers are present at the camp. Kylie doesn't think she belongs at Shadow Falls, but every argues that she does. She is different. She's even different from everybody else at the camp. Nobody can figure out what she is, so that makes her interesting. Even though Kylie is sure that she doesn't belong at Shadow Falls, she's stuck at the camp for the summer so she might as well make the most of it.

       I like the cover, with the creepy looking tree and the shiny purple background, what I don't like is the girl standing in the middle of the tree. I think the cover would look much better if she wasn't there.

Love interests.
       Enter the love triangle square. Yeah, that's right Kylie kind-of sort-of has feelings for three guys. First we have Trey. A mortal, and he happens to be Kylie's ex-boyfriend that broke up with her after almost a year because he wouldn't go all the way with him. Kylie is not fully over him, and it doesn't help when he says that he wants her back. Personally, I think Trey is a huge waste of time. If he is going to be such a jerk, then she needs to move one, and not consider going back to him.
       Next we have Lucas. A werewolf boy with whom she shares a secret past. (Or so it says in the synopsis on the back of the book.) Now you should think if they put it like that, it should be really interesting. It's not. It's not as interesting as the synopsis makes it sound. But besides that, I liked Lucas. He was pretty cool.
       And last, is Derek. A half-fae. He seems the most determined to be her boyfriend out of the three. I liked him also. He had some pretty cool gifts, like how he can partially communicate with animals, and how he can manipulate feelings. Of course the fact that he can manipulate feelings has Kylie on the edge. She needs to know that her feelings for him are pure. Another thing that has Kylie on edge is the fact that Derek just so happens to look like Trey.
       The one thing that bothers me, is at some point she makes out with all three of the guys. It's true, she picks one guy in the end, but something happens near the end of the book that makes the other two guys unable to be with her, so basically she ran out of choices. I am happy with who she ended up with, but I do suspect that the other two guys that  she didn't choose to be with are going to be back in the second installment.

       Della is one of Kylie's roommates. (The cooler one if you as me.) She's a newly-turned vampire. She has to put up with Kylie telling her how blood is gross, and I admire he for keeping her cool so well, with Kylie being so insensitive about what Vampires need to do to survive.

       I did catch a few grammar mistakes. Simple rules that should be second nature, like when something that already ends in an s is plural you don't add the extra s afterwards.

       It seems that I have a soft spot for books that involve supernatural camps and schools, and this one did not disappoint. It didn't focus on Kylie being super-natural all the time, had chapters focusing on what Kylie's life is going to be like when she goes home. Now that her parents are divorced and I liked that. It added a realistic element to the story. I liked the ending of Born at Midnight, and I am intrigued to see what will happen in Awake at Dawn.

Monday, 28 April 2014

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

Author: Michelle Hodkin
Author Website
Author Twitter
Publication Date: September 27 2011
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers

       Mara Dyer wakes up in the hospital with no memory of the last few days. She is informed that her friends died when a building collapsed. She was with them, but she somehow managed to escape the same fate. She shouldn't be alive, she should be dead, along with everybody else. She isn't dead, but she isn't what she used to be. Mara starts hallucinating. beginning to doubt whats real, Mara downplays everything that is going on so that her family doesn't worry, but most importantly, doesn't have her committed. Mara's whole family moves to Florida in hopes to have a new beginning, but the hallucinations still follow her. She doesn't know how long she can hold herself together, but she also knows that she can't fall apart.

       I really like the cover of this book. I mean, really like it. I don't really know why, but it probably has something to do with the fact that I have never seen one much like it

     I liked Noah. His easy banter with Mara was hilarious. Even though he has a lot of money, I never really thought he was spoiled or bratty, like many authors make higher-class people out to be.

       Jamie was probably my favorite character. Because he is one of Mara's only friends, he is in a lot of the book. You are probably not going to believe me, but even before it was mentioned in the book, he reminded me of Yoda.

       Mara's hallucinations are consistent throughout the book. I enjoyed how while Mara was having a hallucination, there was no giveaway that she was having one. It wasn't written differently, it didn't go into another chapter. It was all written the same way. I liked that, because this way, it's a little bit of a guessing game at some points, just like it would be for Mara.

Plot Twist
       I have to say, I did not see this plot twist coming, and that actually makes me really happy. A lot of times, I predict the plot twists, and it kind of takes away most of what you should be feeling at the plot twist point. This book did manage to put a nice plot twist. It's not a earth shattering twist, but I liked it, nonetheless.

       I am extremely happy with The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. It has pretty much a little bit of everything. it had some paranormal aspects, it had Mara just trying to live a normal life, the romance between Mara and Noah was great. It was in most of the book, but it wasn't overwhelming. I will defiantly be recommending this to my friends. I believe that both genders would enjoy this book, and I can't wait to read the second installment in the trilogy.

Friday, 28 March 2014

I've Been Thinking About The Need Series

       In the midst of my boredom the other day, A series very dear to my heart came to my mind. That series, is the The Need Series by Carrie Jones If you haven't read my reviews for these books, it'll be kind of hard to know what I am speaking of so here are the links. Need, Captivate, Entice, Endure, but also, fair warning: If you haven't read Entice or Endure and don't want it to be slightly spoiled, I would not read this

       I was particularly thinking about the relationship between Zara and Nick. In the one of the last books either, Entice or Endure, while the Zara, Astley and friends are trying to get Nick back from Valhalla, Zara's mom says that all the trouble that they are going through to get Nick back isn't worth the casualties. I'm pretty sure, back when I first read the books I mentioned something like, I almost agree with Zara's mom. No. I Completely agree with Zara's mother. If you have read these books, I would hope you agree that all the things that Zara does are ridiculous. She risks her life many times, she risks her friends lives many times. Although they agreed to it, it doesn't make what they did any less stupid. I realize that she did these things because she did not want to lose another person she loved, but she ended up losing more than that while trying to get one person back. See it's time like this I remember that Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a very wise person, do you remember when Buffy said:
"No guy is worth your life, not ever."

Yeah, I do too.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Ink by Amanda Sun

Author: Amanda Sun
Format: Paperback
Pages: 369
Date Published: June 25 2013
Publisher: Harlequin Teen

       After Katie's mom passes away, Katie is forced to move to Japan. As if losing her mom isn't enough, Katie speaks little Japanese, and is struggling to get a hang of the customs. Then weird things start happening to her whenever she is with Yuu Tomohiro. A gorgeous boy, with a tough jerk-face facade. Whenever they are together, ink appears, and pens explode. When Tomo draws, his drawings float off the page and come to life. Tomo warns her to stay away.  He is always trying to keep her at a distance, but as Katie gets to know the real Tomo, the one hiding behind tough words and mean faces, his secrets unfold before her eyes. It so happens that Tomo and Katie both have something to do with the ink.

       Are you looking at this cover? Congratulations, you have just laid eyes on the most beautiful cover that has ever existed. I love it. Everything about this cover is beautiful.

       I can't even explain my love for Tomo. At the beginning he seems like a dirt-bag. But as you get to know him, he's amazing. Though it might not seem like it, everything he is doing is to protect somebody else. Everybody else must be safe before he even thinks of himself.

       Jun a boy that Katie meets early on in the book. He's pretty cool, pretty nice, (for the most part) and also puts effort into being Katie's friend. Right at the beginning, right until the end.

       Despite everything that Ishikawa has gotten himself mixed into, I liked him from the very start, Even though he wasn't very nice to Katie, I still think that he is a very interesting character.

       I haven't read many books set in Japan--Okay, I haven't read any.--But I really like how the author made everything sound so real, I could picture the small places they were in so very easily. Everything about the setting was beautiful.

       I already knew a little about the Kami from playing the video game Okami and because of playing that I already knew a little bit about Amaterasu, but even if you don't know anything about the Kami or Amaterasu don't be overwhelmed. The author makes it really easy to understand.

       Every time that Tomo draws something of significance, on the next page you will find an illustration of what that drawing looks like. They are all beautiful. Every. Single. One. I love the fact that the illustrations are included, because now instead of just trying to imagine what the drawing is supposed to look like, you can see it. You know exactly what the author wants you to visualize.

       This book is so amazingly beautiful in every way possible. The characters are amazing, the setting is beautiful, and I am absolutely sure of myself when I say that this is one of my favorite books.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Goodreads Embers & Ice Giveaway!


       I'm sure that a number of you have read my review of Rouge by Isabella Modra, (here) and if you have, you should know that I loved it. So, if you've read Rouge, I am very happy to inform you that Isabella is holding a giveaway on Goodreads for the second book. You have a chance to win one of 2 SIGNED ARC's. As of right this second you have exactly 69 days 13 hours 6 minutes and 13 seconds to enter. If you are interested, the link is here:

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Look What Book I Bought!

       HEY EVERYBODY. *Points at you*  Do you want to see what book I bought today? No? Well I am going to show it to you anyway, because I for one, am super excited. Ready for this? *Drum roll*

       Oh. My. God. It's beautiful. Look at that eye. Staring at you all beautiful and such. I am so happy that I bought this book. I now own the entire Shatter Me series. Man, am I ever proud. I am also sad, in a way. I know that once I finish this book, It's done. It's over. No more Juliette, Adam, Warner, Kenji, no more Restablishment. Oh, the sadness that will without a doubt come with finishing the trilogy.

       Have you guys notice that a lot of great trilogies are coming to an end, either soon, or recently? I mean, the Shatter Me Trilogy is done, The Divergent Trilogy is done, The Mara Dyer Trilogy is ending soon. Truthfully, I really do hope I get into another trilogy soon. I'm losing so many :( 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Top 10 Tuesday: Top 10 Books That Will Make You Cry

       Top 10 Tuesday is an original meme hosted over at The Broke and The Bookish

       I have never cried at a book, but these ones had me pretty close.

#1. Revived by Cat Patrick

       This book, like many others, isn't an overall sad book. It does however have some sad moments

#2. Allegiant by Veronica Roth
       As I mentioned in my earlier post about this book. This has book has put a void in my soul that will never be filled with any kind of happy moment.

#3. Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi

       I don't think anybody actually cried, but what happens between Adam and Juliette broke my fragile little heart.

AND...that's it guys, sorry, I'm really bad at posting these. I don't think I have ever actually completed a list.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

I Just Finished Allegiant...


I don't think I made a post about this, but for my birthday I received Allegiant by Veronica Roth. I waited a while to start reading it, knowing that this is the last book in the Divergent Trilogy. But now that I have finished it:

       DJGHJDKSHGJKSHDDHSGFYYIWRUGASRUIROASJDDJKDXGYGDSFHHFD. This book has put a void in my soul that will never be filled. Do you see what you have done Mrs. Roth? You have put a void in my soul. Surprisingly enough, I did not cry though. It takes a lot for me to cry at a book. But I am really surprised that I didn't cry at this one. And for that, I think I truly belong in Dauntless.

       To all the people that have yet to read Allegiant: 


Be brave. 

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

Author: Rachel Hawkins
Format: Paperback
Pages: 323
Date Published: March 2 2010
Publisher: Hyperion Book CH

        Sophie discovered her powers three years ago. Ever since then, she's been struggling with them. Being a witch isn't easy. After doing a love-spell at her prom, she is exiled to Hecate; a reform school. Otherwise known as  The Hex Hall. The Hex Hall is on an isolated island and houses anything from withes and warlocks to shape-shifters and faeries. As if starting off at a new school with mythological creatures wasn't bad enough. Sophie already has three super powerful and beautiful enemies, a killer crush on the cutest boy in school, a mysterious ghost, and made friends with the only vampire in school. So to sum it up, she isn't doing very well. When people around The Hex Hall start dying in suspicious ways Sophie discovers some terrible things woven into her father's side of the family, and that terrible thing just so happened to reach all the way down the family tree until it got to her.

        I like the cover, aside from the ugly face that the model for Sophie is making.

Sophie & Archer
       Sophie and Archer almost sort of like each other. During the book, they start making out in a cellar and while they are doing that, Sophie thinks something along the lines of:
       "I really don't want my first time to be in a cellar
       "Actually, never mind. A cellar is fine."


       That escalated way too quickly. Cool down.

       I liked Archer well enough. He was funny and was always cracking jokes with Sophie. I also happen to really like his name.

      This book was very fast-paced, maybe a little to faced-paced. Only dwelling on things for a very short time. Even the big huge plot twists. Oh yeah, and about the twist where you find out how some of the people around campus are dying. I CALLED IT. 

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Cover Reveal: Embers & Ice by Isabella Modra

       I come with my second cover reveal ever. This time, I shall reveal the cover of a book I have been reading for a while, a book I had been desperately awaiting. And when the author, Isabella Modra asked me if I would like to do a cover reveal, I was overjoyed! So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...


       Here is the official description of the book from Goodreads.

Everyone is wrong about hell.

       Vulnerable and weak after her battle with her guardian Joshua, Hunter is snatched up by the Agents who work for a ruthless and cold institution called ICE. There, Hunter is imprisoned with other mutants of different ages and abilities, forced into a nightmare of constant experiments and brutality. 

       Joshua is a mess. Frantically trying to fix the mistakes he made, Joshua embarks on a quest across the country to find Hunter and rescue her. But the company he keeps is continuously distracting him, and Joshua can’t control the strange feelings of love and comfort that begin to boil inside his cold, icy heart.

      Will Hunter escape and find her fire again, or will Joshua and his mistakes find her first?

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Legend by Marie Lu

Author: Marie Lu
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 305
Date Published: November 29 2011
Publisher: Putnam Juvenile 

        This book is told in two different POVs, Day, a street criminal, has broken the law many times. If he has to break the law to keep his family safe and healthy, he will. He has stolen many times, and is quite comfortable with it. One thing he is not comfortable with, is killing, He has never killed a single soul. Hurt, yes. But never killed. Day is not a murderer. When he went to steal some plague cures for his sick brother, it shouldn't have been any different. But it was, because now he is the prime suspect for killing Metias, a young army captain.
       June, the second POV, is Metias little sister. From the death of her brother, she has taken on a very high ranking in her army, and has sworn revenge on Day for making her lose the last family member she has left. But what happens when Day has a totally different side, besides the criminal that is constantly making the headlines, and what if, he makes her question everything that she knows about her government. The one that she is supposed to trust?

       I think that the cover looks cool, I just wished I knew exactly what was on it. With my luck, it it's probably something stupidly obvious, and after reading this, everybody is going to laugh at me, but hey, what can you do?

     I love Day so much. He's only fifteen, but he knows how to take care of himself after years on the streets. I can't even really explain why I love Day, and before people say that I only like him because he's a bad--boy--type thing and he does bad--boy-ish things, that's not it. He has so many different sides of him. He can be caring, and sweet, and gentle, but he has no trouble throwing knives at people or shooting people when he has to. I also find it super interesting that he has gone out of his way many times not to kill people. He doesn't want to known as a murderer. Just a con.

       June's a hard one for me. I like her, but I like Day so much too, and because June is trying to capture him, I spent most of the book going back and forth between,

       And when Day and June start to fall for each other, I went back in forth between
       "YAY JUNE AND DAY!"

       The one thing that I didn't like about June is that she knows things that you can't possibly know. Like what hand Day through a knife with. Or that he is ambidextrous. That's really my only complaint about her, at times she is a little unrealistic.

       A living example of Day being kind. Tess is Day's partner. He found her years ago. Orphaned and alone and decided to take her in. I enjoyed learning about Tess, even though she wasn't in the story a whole heck of a lot.

       Metias was June's older brother/guardian. In the short time that he was in the book, I thought he was really awesome. Even though he is only alive through give or take 40 pages, you could really tell that he loved June. On the inside cover it tells you that Metias is going to die, so I tried not to get to attached to him even though he was awesome.

       Well, really I can only mention one thing that I dislike right now, so here I go.
       I found that this book was missing a lot of the... history? I guess. When you are 10, you have to take a test called the Trial. Featuring a written portion, an interview portion, and a physical portion. If you fail, you go off to work at a labor camp, and if you pass I guess you...just don't. It doesn't really say that you have to join the military, but I guess many do. Anyway, what I would like to know is how the Trial came about. How long has it been going on? Do you have to join the military if you pass?
        Another thing that I would like to know is what exactly is the plague? I know that you lose weight and you get super sick and such, and your irises bleed, but long has the plague been a problem? How long did it take for people to develop a cure? These questions need to be answered.

       I loved this book despite the missing facts that I think should be included. Either gender would enjoy this book, and I will be recommending it to many of my friends. I am very excited to get my hands on the second one in the trilogy.

Sunday, 5 January 2014


       Today, January 5, 2014, marks the one year anniversary of Reviews of YA Books. I could go off on the cliche things that bloggers do when this day falls upon them, but I don't really want to. I have however, decided to post some of my stats in case some of you are for interested in knowing them.

GFC Followers:

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       YAY! I guess I can call that a successful year, yeah?