Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Cover Reveal: Embers & Ice by Isabella Modra

       I come with my second cover reveal ever. This time, I shall reveal the cover of a book I have been reading for a while, a book I had been desperately awaiting. And when the author, Isabella Modra asked me if I would like to do a cover reveal, I was overjoyed! So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...


       Here is the official description of the book from Goodreads.

Everyone is wrong about hell.

       Vulnerable and weak after her battle with her guardian Joshua, Hunter is snatched up by the Agents who work for a ruthless and cold institution called ICE. There, Hunter is imprisoned with other mutants of different ages and abilities, forced into a nightmare of constant experiments and brutality. 

       Joshua is a mess. Frantically trying to fix the mistakes he made, Joshua embarks on a quest across the country to find Hunter and rescue her. But the company he keeps is continuously distracting him, and Joshua can’t control the strange feelings of love and comfort that begin to boil inside his cold, icy heart.

      Will Hunter escape and find her fire again, or will Joshua and his mistakes find her first?

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