Friday, 28 March 2014

I've Been Thinking About The Need Series

       In the midst of my boredom the other day, A series very dear to my heart came to my mind. That series, is the The Need Series by Carrie Jones If you haven't read my reviews for these books, it'll be kind of hard to know what I am speaking of so here are the links. Need, Captivate, Entice, Endure, but also, fair warning: If you haven't read Entice or Endure and don't want it to be slightly spoiled, I would not read this

       I was particularly thinking about the relationship between Zara and Nick. In the one of the last books either, Entice or Endure, while the Zara, Astley and friends are trying to get Nick back from Valhalla, Zara's mom says that all the trouble that they are going through to get Nick back isn't worth the casualties. I'm pretty sure, back when I first read the books I mentioned something like, I almost agree with Zara's mom. No. I Completely agree with Zara's mother. If you have read these books, I would hope you agree that all the things that Zara does are ridiculous. She risks her life many times, she risks her friends lives many times. Although they agreed to it, it doesn't make what they did any less stupid. I realize that she did these things because she did not want to lose another person she loved, but she ended up losing more than that while trying to get one person back. See it's time like this I remember that Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a very wise person, do you remember when Buffy said:
"No guy is worth your life, not ever."

Yeah, I do too.

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