Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Fault in our Stars by John Green

Author: John Green
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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 313
Publication Date: January 12 2013
Publisher: Dutton Books

       Hazel Grace has never been anything but terminal. Living with Thyroid cancer, and lungs that "suck at being lungs," everything has just been about extending her time here on earth, not about curing her. When her mother decided that she was depressed, she insisted that Hazel attend a Cancer Support group, each equally as boring and sad as the next. Until one day in walks Augustus Waters. A charming, attractive, Osteosarcoma/amputee survivor, who takes an interest in Hazel immediately. Watch as two far from normal teenagers fall into a beautifully sad kind of love.

       I liked Hazel's character, I found her very realistic. She has to be connected to oxygen almost constantly thanks to her illness, but I liked how she knew that her illness does not define her, and for she had some pretty humorous moments through out the book.

       Oh, sweet, charming, Augustus. How I have watched girls on the internet fangirl over you. Augustus somehow manages to be perfect--even with his old illness, and a prosthetic leg--without being snobby. I really don't have much to say about him other than the fact that now I understand why people fangirl over him.

       Isaac was a great addition to the story, and I honestly don't think I would like the book as much without him. He makes the book more then just a sad love story.

Hazel's Parents
       I thought Hazels parents were really nice, and adorably sweet most of the time, the only exception being when Hazel needed to go see Gus, and her parents were upset about her leaving all the time. I mean, I understand that they want to see Hazel too, but Gus has literally days to live. And as she pointed out, when Gus goes, she will be home every night.

Conclusion (I ranted a little, here.)
       I waited so long to read this book mostly because it's freaking expensive, but when I got it as a gift, I was overjoyed. The characters are amazing, and very realistic and this book is great. I love it. I already knew how the book ended, before I read the book, and I told myself not to get attached to the characters but I did. I did. I did. Despite the fact that I already knew how it would end, and I loved every minute of being attached to these wonderful characters. And for a final note. Before somebody says something like "You only read the book because a movie is in theaters now." I had been wanting to read it since I heard about it, I just didn't have the book at my disposal. Before all the people go around saying things like "To all the real fans of TFIOS. The people that read the book before it was a movie" Or... "You are only a real fan if you read it before it was cool." Anybody can be a fan of anything they want. Watch I'll determine a fan.

Have you read the book and or watched the movie?

If you answered yes, proceed to the next question

Did you like it?

If you answered yes, boom. I consider you a fan.

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