Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Cathy's Book

Cathy’s life has never been fantastic, her dad is dead, the relationship she has with her mom isn't the best either, but when she goes to tell off her ex, Victor, for breaking up with her without reason, she raises a whole lot of questions. Such as, what does Victor’s dead co-worker, a needle-like mark on her arm, and many Chinese elders have to do with the fact that Victor left? What could Victor be up to?

                I really like the cover for this book, this book is written in a diary-style, so I found the simple cover fitting.

                Cathy is all too curious, just as her friend Emma says. She gets herself into risky situations to find out what is going on with Victor, which in some cases I find unrealistic, for example, when she made her way into Victor’s office. Yeah. Sure.

                Victor the mysterious ex-boyfriend. He isn't physically in a lot of scenes, but every situation that Cathy gets stuck in has something to do with him.

                If you have ever read a book written in this style, it is common to find a date, maybe a time of day, because that would probably be included in a real diary,  but something unique about this particular book is that it doesn't really include a traditional time. Instead when starting a new entry it’ll say something like,

Feb. 5, Afternoon
(Hour of June at the Reception Desk
Feb. 4, Early Morning
(Hour of the Angry E-mails)

             I don’t know why I liked the fact that they made the date like this. I just do.

Extra Material
                Inside the front cover, extra material is included in a pouch, and it’s so cool. Including, a napkin, a picture mentioned in the book, certificates business cards (with numbers you can actually call) and a whole bunch of other awesome stuff, I loved that they included these things. It sets it apart from other diary-style written books.


This book was an easy read for me. I really enjoyed it. It is however the first book in a trilogy, if I hadn't been told that the book wasn't a standalone, I probably wouldn't have known. It ends with a peacefulness that I find entirely fitting.


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