Sunday, 21 September 2014

30 Day Book Challenge Day 2

I'm back with the second day of the book challenge, today my question is...

       Name a book you have read more than 3 times

       I don't really re-read the books I have unless I really, really, love them, and I have to wait at least a year before reading them again. That being said, although I have not read the same book 3 times. I did read Carrie Jones' Need series twice. The first time I read them, it was because they were recommended to me. The second time I read them, it was because I really loved them, plus I wanted to review them on my blog (review of Need, here. Review of Captivate, here. Review of Entice, here and finally, review of Endure here.) Fun fact, Need was the second book I ever reviewed, right after Candy, Crush. Corpse.

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