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Be the Death of Me By Rebecca Harris

Author: Rebecca Harris
Format: Paperback
Author Website
Publication Date: August 25 2013
Publisher: Phoenix Flying Inc.

        Four years ago, Billie Foster had it all. Friends, a boyfriend, a nice school, beauty, and then in a mysterious school fire, she lost everything. Including her life. In her afterlife, she was given a position. Guardian. Her job, to keep the living alive. Billie, isn't exactly the greatest at her job, testing the patience of her Captain and the all important Elders. Her latest assignment: Benedict Ford. A teenager with not much of a social life, lives with his grandmother. He is still alive, but somebody is out to kill him regardless of if he knows that or not.
       Because of the fact that Billie doesn't have the best track record, her captain assigns her a partner. Tucker. Tucker and Billie have met, when they were alive, even though the memory of Tucker has escaped Billie, it is something that even in death, Tucker won't forget.
       Traditionally, living people should not be able to see guardians, but Ford is an exception, and this has made everything much more interesting than it was ever meant to be.

       I don't mind this cover, which actually comes as a surprise to me since I don't often like covers with characters faces on them. Soo...*Thumbs up*

       I liked Billie, her snark an sarcastic comments kept things fresh.

       Tucker, the responsible one in the partnership, he was obviously less amusing but he kept things balanced so it wasn't all jokes all the time.

       Ford was also, quite amusing at times, especially because he has guardians that he can see, and talk to. It was funny to read about him trying to make sense of everything that is happening to him. Including the whole, someone-is-out-to-kill-me thing.

Mystery elements
      Be the Death of Me is written in alternating POVs, meaning it isn't always focused on exactly who is trying to kill him, but when it comes to the point of the book where you do find out who is out to get Ford, I can't say that I called it. I wasn't necessarily surprised. But I didn't figure it out right away.

Love Triangle (?)
       The book was written like a love triangle should happen, between Billie, Tucker, and Ford. But I wan't sold on it. I mean, yeah, Billie and Ford kind of flirt sometimes, sort of. But obviously, it can't happen, Billie is dead for crying out loud,

       The spelling in this book isn't great. I counted so many mistakes. Published books should not have mistakes.  Let me repat that. Published books should not have mistakes.Spelling is such an easy fix, too. Although the spelling is the only problem I had with this book, it's a pretty big problem

       This book was a very enjoyable read for me, aside from the spelling I was extremely happy reading this book.

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