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Gone Too Far by Natalie D. Richards

Author: Natalie D. Richards
Format: Paperback
Pages: 304
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Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Expected Publication Date: January 6, 2015 

       Piper Woods is just like any average high school senior. Ready to leave the bustling hallways behind, and excited for the change of a college that she's been waiting for. She isn't popular, but she has friends, a good place on the yearbook committee to express her love for photography, and despite her parents crumbling marriage, she's pretty happy. Until Piper finds a notebook filled with many accounts of student sin. She tries to write it off as a joke until pretty, popular, Stella dies after a sex tape starring her goes viral. Piper saw Stella before she died, at school being teased about the tape. Piper knows she could have done something to stop it. But she didn't. Soon-after, Piper receives an anonymous text, proposing that if she sent a name of somebody who has done wrong, they could make it right, and for the first time in ages, justice could be served. All Piper has to do is text a name...

       I like the cover. I especially like that the camera that Piper almost always has throughout the book was included.

       I loved Piper as the protagonist. She is flawed, but not in ways that make me want to throw the book at the wall in annoyance, but in ways that make her realistic. Most of all, what I absolutely love about her is that she actually thinks about things before she acts. Another thing I really love about the character of Piper is that she has interests. Namely, photography. I feel like in many books the author will mention a talent or something that a character likes, and then and never mention it in the book again. Piper's love of photography is consistent throughout the book and it makes her interesting, because like any actual human being Piper has plans and didn't count on life throwing her a curve-ball. Lastly, it's not that important, but I really like the name Piper.

       Nick was the only character I had a problem with. He doesn't really have much of a personality. He's just, perfect. Nevertheless, I liked the relationship between Piper and him, I didn't feel like it moved to quickly or didn't progress at all.

Manny & Piper
      I don't really have much to say about Manny individually, but Piper and Manny's friendship however, is great. I am so, so happy that the book didn't lean towards a love triangle between them. I have read so many books where the two best friends fall in love and I suspected that, that was how it was going to play out in this book. It didn't. It did however state that Piper and Manny  dated before and it didn't work out, which in some ways is realistic. Just because people are best friends does not mean that a relationship would work out.
The Notebook and Texts (*Jumping right into pretty big spoilers here!)
       I would just like to point out that it doesn't make sense for the notebook and the texter to be two different people. The timing is just way too convenient. Any logical person would try to link it together. I mean sure, you could find a book full of student sins and then get texts telling you that you can help make them pay all in the same week, but it is very, very unlikely.

       I loved this book. The characters were great and the mystery kept kept me guessing. If a series of books ever came out with a protagonist like Piper, I would be all for it. I think that boys and girls would enjoy this book, as long as they are up for a mystery. I couldn't put this book down, and I would definitely read it again.

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