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The Forgetting by Nicole Maggi

Sorry it's so small,
Author: Nicole Maggi
Format: Paperback
Pages: 352 
Expected publication date: February 3, 2015  
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

                Georgie Kendrick’s heart was failing. She was going to die. Lucky for her, a match was found just in time to save her life. When she wakes up, nothing is right. She has a taste for strawberries despite the fact that she is deathly allergic to them. She has memories of sleeping in cold, dark basements although she has a beautiful warm house. With gaining these new memories, she’s losing some of hers. She can’t remember last summer, last Christmas, important dates and happy occasions are disappearing from her memory replaced with ones that she doesn’t want. Georgie’s certain that it has something to do with her new heart. After some digging she finds that her heart donor had fallen out of the foster system and lived a life on the streets, living a life where her body is sold to anybody who will pay. Her cause of death was documented as a suicide, but Georgie needs to find out the truth before she loses everything that makes her, her.

                The cover is nice. I like the font and the effect on the title.

                Georgie was an alright character. She’s reckless, very, very, reckless. At some points I can understand why, but at others, I wish she would have thought a little bit more. Not everything is always about her. It’s not only her life in danger all the time. Other people are involved and at points she is putting people at risk for plans that she thought so little about.

                I liked Nate. He spends his time between working at Starbucks and helping trafficked girls get back on track with their life. Lately, it’s been tough for me to come across a male character who has a purpose other than to be the romantic interest. Even tougher for me to find a male character that shows more emotion than just love, for that romantic interest. What I’m saying is, I like that sometimes Nate gets angry at the decisions that Georgie makes. I like that he isn't always great and super happy and perfect.

                I wish that the author would have gone into more details about certain things. I find that some events that should be big aren't dwelled upon long enough. I wish that the author had gone into more detail about what happened with Sarah and things like that. Also, I desperately wish that a prologue had been written. Did Nate continue with helping the trafficked girls like I hope he did? Did Georgie? Did Georgie get her memories back? Did her and Nate stay together? I HAVE QUESTIONS.


                Overall, I liked this book. I’m not entirely sure I would read it again, but mystery elements and characters kept me interested.

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