Sunday, 7 June 2015

Liebster Blog Award

       No. Way. I can't believe I've been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award again. I'm pretty sure everybody that has nominated me just stumbled upon my blog and decided to nominate it because I have less than 200 followers, regardless. I am grateful. So the rules of accepting are as follows:

Link back to the person that nominated you:You can find this wonderful person's blog by clicking this link right now.

       Answer the questions posed to you.

       Nominate 10 other bloggers that have less then 200 followers and ask them 10 questions (This rule changes, in terms of how many questions asked and how many bloggers nominated.)

       Anyway, on to the questions I must answer.

       1. Favourite book format?

       I prefer physical over e-book but quite honestly I'm down with either.

       2. Why did you start this blog?

       This question gets absolutely exasperating sometimes, I wish I could say that a big explosion happened and the only way to save my family was to start a book review blog, name it something lame, rant and rave about YA books while drinking coke and watching old reruns of dumb television shows, was the reason behind this blog...but alas, it is not. The reason I started this blog was because I was sitting with somebody I know on a cold January day, driving an old van and the person I know said:
       "You should start a blog" and of course I replied with:
       "What could go wrong?"
          And boom. Reviews of YA Books was born.

       3. Favourite childhood book?

       Um. I think it was probably Saber-tooth at Sunset...maybe? I'll ask my mother someday.

       4. Top 4 books on your TBR list?

       Ummm. Dorthy Must Die, Let it Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle. Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick and Queen of Zombie Hearts by Gena Sowalter
       5. What do you think it your most under-appreciated post?

       I don't really think any of my posts are under appreciated. I think, for the amount I actually post, I'm pretty darn appreciated.

       6. Who is your favorite author and why?
       I thing my favorite author is Tahereh Mafi. Author of Shatter Me trilogy, which, if you've read my reviews of the first two (I still haven't gotten around to reading the last one. I can't bear the trilogy ending.) you should know that they are definitely on the list of my favorite books ever. Mafi has a beautiful writing style that's kind of hit and miss with some people, but I love it. It just flows so elegantly.

       7. What is the most prized book that you own?

      I would like to say that I love all my books equally, but that's not entirely true. I take care of all my books the same, but I don't love all my books the same. Anyway, my most prized book? Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi. I feel kind of bad that the answers to most of my questions have something to do with the Shatter me trilogy, but oh well.

       8. If you had a magic lamp what would you wish for?

       I get three wishes right?

       #1. Every time I go to buy something, always have the exact amount of money I need in my pocket

       #2. To have a million more lamps so I could make more wishes.

       #3. To be musically inclined.

        9. Describe your blog with one phrase

       Please don't put this pressure on me.

      10. Favorite season?

       *Cue stereotypical white girl answer.* Autumn. It's just really pretty.

        11. Share with us your favorite quote.

       "If you can't beat fear, just do it scared"

        "What matters most is how well you walk through the fire."

       "The purpose of literature is to turn blood into ink."

       "I like fire more than people, because all it does is destroy. People do that too, but at least fire admits it."

      I don't know guys. So many people say pretty things that I enjoy.

       Here are the 10  2 people I nominate!

       Sydney at Pika Pages

       Courtney at Ya Lit Reviews For Teens and Libraries

       I know I'm supposed to nominate 10 people but I don't follow many blogs. Much less any that have less than 200 followers. Recommend me some!


1. How many books do you think you read a year?

2. Is there a reason behind your blog title?

3.Do you read more than one book at once?

4. Do you review every YA book you read?

5. Hobbies beside reading?

6.Are you surprised at how long you've kept your blog going?


  1. Ha that's actually my blog story too... I just wrote reviews and people told me to start a blog so I did. The end!

    I love the Shatter Me series as well! Ms. Mafi is the QUEEN of metaphors!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. I really wish I had an interesting story, because I get asked that question a lot, but I don't have anything interesting to say. My blog just sort of, happened...

      I haven't read Ignite me yet, but hopefully soon! I agree, She has more writing talent in her little finger than I do in my entire bdy.