Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The Heartbreakers by Ali Novak

I've hit a milestone guys! This is my 100th post!
Author: Ali Novak
Format: Paperback
Pages: 336
Expected Publication: August 4 2015
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

                The Heartbreakers are the most popular band in America, and everybody loves them. Except Stella Simone. Stella can’t stand the band, so she could have never pictured herself at a Heartbreakers autograph signing, but, as much as she hates the band, she loves her sister Cara. On regular circumstances, Cara could have gotten the autograph herself, and would have been perfectly happy to do so, but Cara is undergoing treatment for lymphoma. Stella, Drew, and Cara, have a competition to see who can get each other the best birthday gift every year, and Stella and Drew know that with the autographed merchandise, they can’t lose.
                Stella expected to take a road trip to Chicago, get the autographs, and leave. What she didn’t expect was to meet a boy with a breathtaking smile while getting her early morning caffeine-fix. She also didn’t expect to see him again signing autographs. The boy with the breathtaking smile is Oliver Perry, lead singer for The Heartbreakers. It just so happens that they are staying at the same hotel, and despite the fact that Stella hates his band, he still gives Stella his number. When their paths cross again, Stella makes quick friends with the rest of the band, and she knows that she’s falling for Oliver, but can she risk falling in love with him even with Cara being sick always in the back of her mind?

                I’m going to safely assume that the cover features Stella and Oliver. It’s not really what I pictured them looking like, but I think that the cover is cute, nevertheless. They look happy, and I think it’s adorable.

                Stella was pretty cool. I like how much she cares for her siblings. Throughout the book she struggles with living her life while her sister is sick and might not ever recover. I like development she makes with this issue throughout the book. I also enjoy the fact that she isn’t dumb when it comes to the relationship between her and Oliver, the first few times they met, she knew getting attached would be a dumb idea, because she would probably never see him again. Even after that, when she knew that she would see him, she kept her heart guarded because she knew that having a relationship would be difficult. I respect that.

       Oliver is known for being a heartbreaker (haha pun intended.) I don’t really have a ton to say about him, but the thing near the end that has to do with him being an idiot and the reason behind why he did what he did? Called it. I freaking called it.

       JJ, who I believe is the drummer for The Heartbreakers is by far the most eccentric member. His lighthearted playful flirting with Stella always made me smile. I liked him a lot, because for the most part, he was always there to lighten the mood.


       You don’t really learn about Xander much, I wish he was focused on a little more, because from what I did learn about him, he seemed interesting.


                I loved the way that Alec always gave Stella answers when she needed them and nobody else was offering anything up. He was always so supportive, and while everybody was probably fangirling over Oliver, I was waiting for more scenes with Alec.  


When I first started this book, I thought that Cara was going to be bratty about how her sister is involved with the band, and how she is romantically involved Oliver Perry.  I expected her to bug Stella to meet the band. Maybe even get jealous of Stella and want her to stop dating him. It turns out that Cara was very supportive in every situation that Stella finds herself in. It was very refreshing and I’m glad her character wasn’t how I was expecting.

Photography elements

I’ve noticed a lot of books recently feature protagonists that are interested in photography and that’s okay, as long as the interest in photography is legitimate. Stella seems to care a lot about photography, but the actual way that Stella gets a job with the Heartbreakers? I’m not completely convinced by it. It’s not realistic at all. It’s an interesting idea, but not realistic.


I liked this book a lot. More then I originally thought I was going to. The ending was very, very sweet. I would recommend this book mostly to girls. I don't believe a boy would enjoy this very much. If a sequel of this book was ever published I would have every intention of reading it, as I thoroughly enjoyed this,   


  1. Ooh the characters in this one sounds really descriptive and unique! I hope to read this book soon.... Nice review!

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

    1. This book took me by surprise with how much I liked it. I hope if you get around to reading it, you'll like it too!