Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Blackmail Boyfriend by Chris Cannon

Author: Chris Cannon
Publisher: Entangled Publishing LLC
Date published: August 11 2015


       Haley Patterson,isn't seen as girlfriend material, and she knows it's because she has two overprotective twin brothers keeping any guy that shows interest in her far away. When Haley shows up at school and a rumor is going around that she hooked up with golden boy, Bryce Colton, she sees how she could use this to her advantage. The rumors aren't technically true. Bryce did not hook up with Haley Patterson. He hooked up with a different Haley, who happens to have a very angry boyfriend.

       Haley gives Bryce a choice, he can pretend to be in a relationship with her for a month, showing boys that it is possible to get passed her brothers, and that she really isn't a skank that enjoys one night stands. Or, she can deal with her brothers, and Denny, the other Haley's angry boyfriend.

       All Bryce was doing when he hooked up with Haley was trying to get his obsessive ex-girlfriend off of his back, but now he's wrapped up in the mess of a fake relationship with an honor roll geek, she's so different than anybody that he's ever dated and he's not sure how much he likes her. Good thing this is all fake, right?


       All that comes to my mind when I look at this cover is "aww. How cute!" It truly is an adorable cover.


       Blackmail Boyfriend is written in alternating POV between Haley and Bryce. It was interesting because they both live such different lives with such different families. Also, with the alternating POVs (mostly with Bryce) you get to be on the inside what they are really thinking versus what they do. 


       At times I found Haley to be overbearing and snotty, and sometimes she makes demands I don't believe that she's entitled to, such as telling Bryce that he has to drive her somewhere. Regardless of what she thinks all he has to do is pretend to be in a relationship with her and make sure people notice, none of the extra stuff. Though I kind of get it, since she's in the position to call the shots and he's not really in a stable enough place to refuse.
       On a good note, I admire Haley's ability to speak her mind, and how she (most of the time) stands up for herself and (most of the time) doesn't play the damsel in distress,


       Bryce annoyed me at some points as well, as it was repeated again and again that Haley wasn't his type and he was scared of that, but he should have given her more of a chance than that to start out with.
       On a good note for him, when he when he decided to be nice, he went all out and was really, really nice.


       I wanted a fun quick read, and that's exactly what I got from this. I think I would read it again because every once in a while I like to read something cute.

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