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Emerge: The Awakening by Melissa Craven

Author: Melissa A Craven
Series: The Awakening (#1)
Date published: April 1st 2015
Publisher: Midnight Hour Studio

*Given to me from the author in exchange for an honest review

       This entire review contains spoilers, as it would have been difficult to talk about the characters without spoiling anything. If I didn't have some spoilers in, I would be delicately dancing around the whole plot, my dearest apologizes, but you have been warned. 


       Allie knows there has to be a reason that people flinch at her touch, she knows that there has to be a reason why people have always treated like an outsider.

       Allie's family has always moved around a lot, but this move feels different, more abrupt than usual. It's on Kelleys Island that she meets Aiden McBrien. He treats her like she's normal, and with him she feels things falling into place. He introduces her to his friends who aren't quite as comfortable with her as he is, but they try as hard as they can to hide it.

       As Allie feels happy with her new friends, she's completely caught off guard when she awakes in agony, after struggling for a while to grasp what is going on, Aiden finally gives her answers. Allie is immortal, as he is, and as all of the friends they share are. He tells her that they have all suffered the agaony that she went through and they will get through everything that is to come, together, as one family, what is to come happens to be training to defend herself, as she is a target to people who wish to take what is her birthright. She has an even bigger target on her back, because she is a particularly strong immortal so she must learn to fight, to learn exactly how to hurt people, even if she has very little desire to do so.


       The cover is very pleasing to the eye and I love how Allie's red hair stands out against the otherwise dark colors.


       Allie was pretty cool, her sarcasm always kept things fresh and I enjoyed that. It was also very interesting to see her progress throughout the novel, I think she progressed very nicely, I liked how she made the progress slowly, and is still very far away from perfect even at the end of the book. It would have been unrealistic for her to completely change into a bad-ass fighter who is swift and elegant throughout the course of just one book.


       Aiden was great! I can't pinpoint why but I really like the way that he speaks. When ever he speaks to anybody he has a way of making things seem like they'll be okay. He had sort of a relaxing comforting vibe with him. His gift(s) (especially the one that appears later in the book) are very, very cool and I am looking forward to seeing how he progresses more as the series goes on.


       I don't really have much to say about Vince, he seems  perfect in the book-boyfriend-y kind of way, not that I have anything against that. He balances out Allie's life nicely.


       I really liked Sasha. Her gifts were very intriguing especially the one about being able to slightly control the temperature.

The rest of the family

       A lot of characters are introduced in this book, it would be difficult to write about all of them individually, so I'm just going to leave it at the fact that I liked all of them. They are all unique with the gifts and backstories they offer and I can't imagine the story without any of them.

Vince Allie & Aiden

        This book does feature a bit of a love triangle type deal and I had no problem with the love triangle thing that was present in this book because it wasn't a dramatic war between Vince and Aiden for Allie's heart.
       In understand why Allie loves Vince and chooses to be with him, but if I could offer my love advice to Allie here, it isn't good for Allie to love him, since he is a mortal. I do understand her argument that she feels like she still has a normal life when she's with him, but if we're being practical here, he's just going to die eventually and it'll suck for Allie to have to live without him. That said, I am not saying that she should be with Aiden, because there are some obvious issues with that as well, but I feel as though it would be best for Allie to not be with Vince, on account of the fact that she is going to live forever and he is not.

Overall story progress

       The beginning was kind of slow for me, but if you are reading this and are thinking the same thing, I encourage you to continue! Everything picks up and becomes very, very, fantastic.


       The ending kept me on the edge of my seat. As a matter of fact, I was on the edge of my seat since the 254th page action. The ending awesome and provided some great action.


       Although the book started out a bit slow, it still had me hooked from the first few pages. I really need to stop falling in love with books that end in cliffhangers...*Sigh* I guess I'll never learn... I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing where this story will lead in the future!

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