Saturday, 3 October 2015

What I Tell Myself by Amber Knight

       Quick update: Hey! The new feature I wrote about before will most likely be out this Sunday. Things have been busy, but I'm finally having a quiet weekend. Anyway, just a quick review today!

       Book received from author in exchange for honest review

Published September 29 2015

       Meet Annabella and Cameron. One is noisy, one is not. One loves asking questions about things that the other wants to keep secret. And one can’t help but fall for the other. 

When a new girl shows up at school, Cameron avoids her like he does everyone else. But the new girl has other plans. Plans that involve finding out who the real Cameron White is. 

       I don't often read a ton of short stories (this book is only 35 pages) but I'm glad I read this one. Amber Knight's writing style reminds me slightly of Ellen Hopkins, In the way that the sentences are short and wouldn't really be considered finished. Personally, I like this style, but it's hit and miss. I really wish this was longer, I would love to read and become more attached to the characters.

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