Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Hello, I Am Alive

       Well everybody, it's been half a year.
       Here's what happened.
       I just didn't feel like reading, or doing anything with books. It's probably the worst reading slump I've gotten into in the past three years. Actually, I know it is, because I've been blogging for that long and have never had this amount of time pass between each post. Truthfully, I hadn't been feeling like reading for a long time before this break, but I kept pressuring myself to do so. I tried everything to get out of the slump. Re-reading old favourites, being adventurous with the books I attempted to read, and trying to get to books that have long since been recommended to me, but nothing was working, so I just stopped, since it was the only thing I hadn't done in the past three years of my life.
      It took six months, but I'm back, finally feeling like I want to read again. Actually, I'm feeling like I want to read all the time again, which is a feeling I'd forgotten about completely. So anyway, this is me officially declaring my return to this blog, and my Twitter (@sibella_asher) ;) and I couldn't be happier to be back.
       As a final thought, I follow a lot of blogs so posts of bloggers feeling unmotivated to post come up on my dashboard a lot, and I read almost every single one of them, and a lot of them mention feeling bad they aren't posting as much as they used to/usually do. I've even gotten a few emails over the years about bloggers asking for advice on how to stay motivated, so I'm just going to make my simple advice known for anybody who may be going through a phase of something much like I just got over: Take breaks if you need to, and don't feel guilty! These blogs are yours, you shouldn't feel guilty about not posting as often as you would like to if you aren't feeling it, and if you log back on after a long time of being away and notice that you have lost followers, don't worry about it! It's not about followers (although followers are fun) and I have no doubts that you'll gain your followers back eventually, remember it's all about you!

Anyway, if anybody is wondering, a Teaser Tuesday will be up in just a few minutes, and I'll have my first review in six months up
in about a week!

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