About Me

       I've seen these About Me pages on so many other blogs, I decided to make one too. Most people, just put a picture of themselves, and say
       "Hey look, it's ME!"
       And all that other junk...but, I am not "most people." Also, this page is never going to be finished, I am always going to add to it.

 Random Facts About Me
       ~ I love photography
       ~ I hate raisins.
       ~ I love travelling
       ~ I have terrible eyesight
       ~ I hate coffee.
       ~ My favourite actor is Simon Pegg
       ~ My favourite movie is The Worlds End
       ~ I'm pretty much always cold
       ~ I am very clumsy
       ~ I'm a night owl
       ~ I love watching people play video games.
What do I look like you may ask? YOU WILL NEVER EVER, EVER, KNOW *insert demonic laugh here* but I will tell you one thing, my eyes are the lightest blue ever. Oh! and my profile picture, yeah, that's my dog. Her name shall not be revealed
       Thanks for taking the time for reading this page. It means a lot that you care enough to read this pointless stuff! :)

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