Review Policy & Contact Me

Review Policy
        I love receiving books to review from authors or publishers. I am always open for review requests, but the book you send me must be:

       ~ A YA book.

       ~ Pdf./word format, (it's preferred but I might be able to get epub. to work as well)

       Although I am always open for review requests, I still reserve the right to turn down your request. I check my email every day, so you can expect a email back about  1 or 2 days after you send me an email. I will always email you back, even if I do not accept your request.
       I am always going to publish what I honestly thought about your book. I never take into account other people thought about your book.

When I will review
       If you have a specific date that you would like the review posted you can defiantly expect the review up on that date. If you did not specify a date, my review of the book will most likely be posted within a month.

Contact Me
       If you need to contact me for ANYTHING regarding my blog, you can email me here!

       Or message me on Goodreads!

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