Chat With Me Thursday

What is Chat With  Me Thursday?
       Lately, I have been interested in doing some author interviews. I figure, if I get enough author interviews lined up, I can make a weekly feature. I know that other people have weekly features like this too, but I decided to make my own. So basically, if I have any interview ready, I will post it on Thursdays, and I shall call it Chat With Me Thursday.

Who will I interview?
       I would love to interview you if you have written a YA book of some sort. I prefer to have read your book before I interview you, just because I like to have an understanding of what you have written, but if I haven't read your book, that is okay too. I love discovering new authors!
       I would also be willing to interview bloggers, if you blog about books :)

So, you want an Interview?
       If you meet the criteria above, and you are interested in an interview, please contact me at
       In the email, I am going to need a little information:

       If you are a blogger
       ~Link to your blog
       ~Name of your blog
       ~Your name

       If you are a author
       ~Synopsis of your book
       ~Your name
       ~Genre of your book
       ~Title of your book
       ~A link to any website that you may have

Interviews To Expect
       ~Interview with Katie Cohen blogger at The-Quiet-Girl-Talks
       ~Brianna C blogger at Listful Booking
       ~Interview with Melissa A Craven. Author of Emerge: The Awakening
       ~Interview with Andrea Washington. Author of The Veiled Truth
       ~Interview with Kristianna blogger

Do you want to post Chat With Me Thursdays?
       If you want to post your own Chat With Me Thursdays on your blog, be my guest! All I ask is that you link back to my blog. Also if you would like, comment a link to the posts and I will check them out :)

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