Monday, 31 January 2022

The Rumor Game by Dhonielle Clayton and Sona Charaipotra

Title: The Rumor Game
Authors: Dhonielle Clayton & Sona Charaipotra
Publisher: Disney Publishing Worldwide
Expected publication date: March 1, 2022

*Review copy received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review


Bryn, Georgie and Cora are three high school seniors about to find out just how quick rumors spread and spiral out of control, especially in the age of social media.

Bryn made a mistake last summer, and she wants her old life back. It's hard to find her footing again.
Georgie lost weight, and she wants to try on a new personality like she's been trying on new clothes.
Cora thought she had a great relationship, and a great boyfriend, but as rumors fly, is she sure?

Through the good and bad, someone is spreading rumors online about all three of the girls, but who exactly is behind it? Can they figure it out and stop it before all of the girls settle into infamy?

Writing and Characters

I liked all three of the girls and I loved that the authors chose to switch POVs between all three of the girls to make sure that we got a clear view of the interweaving storylines and the rumors surrounding them.


This book moved at a great pace, and there were lots of distinct plot points hit across the way. Also, the authors were great at choosing when to switch POVs so that one side of the story never ran dry.

Social Media/Mixed Media Aspect

I adore when books include other media as storytelling devices. With this book being so social media-centric, the use of screenshots. comments, posts, and emails was extremely effective and made me feel even more immersed in the story than I already would have been.


There are mature themes in this book, including that of sexual assault, so if that is triggering for you, this novel may not be for you.

Mystery-ish aspect

The discovery of who was feeding the rumor mill new ideas was well done. I didn't figure out who is was absurdly early  and everything was tied up and answered by the last page, so I was satisfied.


I really enjoyed this book! I think if you are a fan of books such as One Of Us Is Lying or Revenge of the Sluts by Natalie Walton, I think you would definitely be a fan of this one. Look out for it's release on March 1, 2022 and add it to your  Goodreads TBR here!

Sunday, 30 January 2022

Dead Girls Can't Tell Secrets by Chelsea Ichaso

Dead Girls Can't Tell Secrets
Original title: The Dark Way Down
Author: Chelsea Ichaso
Expected publication date: April 5, 2022
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Pages: 204

Goodreads synopsis

Piper's fall was no accident. Did someone want her dead? It's up to her sister to discover the truth in this shocking new thriller with an unreliable narrator, from the acclaimed author of Little Creeping Things.

Piper Sullivan was in a strange hiking accident last month and has been in a coma ever since. Her older sister, Savannah, can't pretend to be optimistic about it; things look bad. Piper will likely never wake up, and Savannah will never get any answers about what exactly happened.

But then Savannah finds a note in Piper's locker, inviting Piper to a meeting of their school's wilderness the very place and on the very day that she fell. Which means there was a chance that Piper wasn't alone. Someone might've seen something. Worse, someone might've done something. But who would want to hurt the perfect Piper Sullivan...and why?

To discover the truth, Savannah joins the club on their weekend-long camping trip on the same mountain where her sister fell. But she better be careful; everyone in the club is a suspect, and everyone seems to be keeping secrets about that tragic day.

And Savannah? She's been keeping secrets, too...

Quick thoughts

I had a hard time getting all the way through this book. I was looking forward to a twisty thriller like the synopsis seems to have promised but overall the plot and pacing fell flat for me. 

However, most of my lack of enthusiasm comes from not being overly interested in any of the characters, especially Piper and Savannah. Piper was painted as the typical smart and all around perfect little student, which we've all read probably an uncountable amount of times, and she seemed to lack an actual personality beyond that, even in the flashback style chapters. As for Savannah, most of the time she came off as obnoxious to me, and it's hard to believe that she would even be able to convince anybody to want to be her friend, much less help her figure out what happened to Piper on the night of her incident. I understand that she's supposed to be an unreliable narrator, which I usually love to read, but overall I don't think her voice or general tone was a great fit for the story. 

Overall this was not the right book for me, but if you're looking for a quick thriller it might be a good fit for you.

Friday, 31 December 2021

A Taste for Poison: Eleven Deadly Molecules and the Killers That Used Them by Neil Bradbury

A Taste For Poison: Eleven Deadly Molecules and the Killers Who Used Them
Author: Neil Bradbury, phD
Expected publication date: February 1, 2022
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Pages: 304

Goodreads synopsis

A brilliant blend of science and crime, A TASTE FOR POISON reveals how eleven notorious poisons affect the body--through the murders in which they were used.

As any reader of murder mysteries can tell you, poison is one of the most enduring—and popular—weapons of choice for a scheming murderer. It can be slipped into a drink, smeared onto the tip of an arrow or the handle of a door, even filtered through the air we breathe. But how exactly do these poisons work to break our bodies down, and what can we learn from the damage they inflict?

In a fascinating blend of popular science, medical history, and true crime, Dr. Neil Bradbury explores this most morbidly captivating method of murder from a cellular level. Alongside real-life accounts of murderers and their crimes—some notorious, some forgotten, some still unsolved—are the equally compelling stories of the poisons involved: eleven molecules of death that work their way through the human body and, paradoxically, illuminate the way in which our bodies function.

Drawn from historical records and current news headlines, A Taste for Poison weaves together the tales of spurned lovers, shady scientists, medical professionals and political assassins to show how the precise systems of the body can be impaired to lethal effect through the use of poison. From the deadly origins of the gin & tonic cocktail to the arsenic-laced wallpaper in Napoleon’s bedroom, A Taste for Poison leads readers on a riveting tour of the intricate, complex systems that keep us alive—or don’t.

Quick thoughts

This book is extremely informative and very interesting. I don't delve into science-y non-fiction or the true crime genre that often but I'm glad I did with this one, as the author blends the genres together brilliantly and I was engrossed the whole way through. I think it's a great novel for those who are just looking to start dipping there toes into non-fiction/true crime, just as I am.

Friday, 17 December 2021

Cleaning The Netgalley Shelves: A Collection of Mini-Reviews

I was recently scrolling through my Netgalley shelf and I realized that I have a few books that I haven't given feedback on, that I actually do have feedback on. So I thought I would use this post to to share a few of my thoughts on some of the Netgalley ARCs I have been generously granted throughout the last while that I mistakenly missed submitting my feedback on.

First up, we have Flunked (Fairy Tale Reform School #1) by Jen Calonita 

This book was alright. The adorable looking cover is what first caught my eye, and I'm always a sucker for any book that features a reform school. I did find the story to be a little bit under-developed for my taste, even for a middle grade novel. When writing a fairy tale retelling or continuation, I feel like there's so much potential for world-building to suck you into the world that your favourite familiar characters are living in, and I was a little disappointed that this potential was untapped

However, despite feeling that the story didn't entirely live up to the potential I feel like it could have reached, I still think that this was a very cute, quick read that really would be great for its target middle-grade audience.

Second, we have Follow Me Back (Follow Me Back #1) by A.V Geiger

I liked this book, it deals with quite a lot of heavy topics, especially mental health-wise, and I really enjoyed reading them, especially Tessa's agoraphobia and Eric's anxiety.

The ending really had me on the edge of my seat, the suspense aspect of the novel was very palpable in the last few chapters, and overall, I was very impressed with the ending and the suspense surrounding it. I have yet to continue with this series but I definitely plan to soon. 

Friday, 10 December 2021

Meet Me In St. Louis by Heather Schneider

Title: Meet Me In St. Louis
Author:  Heather Schneider
Publisher: Bowker
Publication date: October 28, 2021
Pages: 148

Goodreads synopsis

Stephanie Clark has just graduated from high school and secretly dreams of going to college in Miami to study marine biology and help save the oceans. Her finances, however, are making the dream seem impossible. When an anonymous benefactor in her hometown of St. Louis offers a large cash reward to the winner of a scavenger hunt, she dares to hope her dream may come true. While deciphering clues and trying to beat out the competition, Stephanie never expects to cross paths with Camden Mills, a popular boy from high school that she knows little about. Will Stephanie have what it takes to win the scavenger hunt, or will she be sidetracked by Cam’s charms? In this distinctly place-based novel, be transported into the city of St. Louis and come along for the ride as Stephanie gives making her dreams come true one last shot.

Quick Thoughts.

This book was a quick read at only 148 pages, so I only have a few quick thoughts to share. I loved the idea of a city wide scavenger hunt and because it was a shorter length, the story was very fast paced which I think was really nice, it was such a quick fun read. I found the romance to be slightly cheesy but totally okay if you like things on the cutesy side. I think this book would go over really well with younger teens, like those who are just starting to dip their toes into the young adult sub genre.

Friday, 3 December 2021

Moonvine by Lucy Hoden (The Nightgarden Saga #2)

Title: Moonvine
Author:  Lucy Holden
Series: The Nightgarden Saga (#2)
Publisher: Fehu Press
Publication date: October 16th, 2021
Young Adult

Goodreads Synopsis

Secrets. Lies. Danger.

Harper Ellory has a secret: nobody knows what the emerald on her left hand really means. Sometimes she wonders if she imagined Antoine Marigny.

Harper knows holding a party is a bad idea. There are deadly creatures sleeping in the cellar, a mysterious stranger asking suspicious questions, and rough boys from the bayou who know more about the mansion than they should.

Harper doesn't want Antoine running to her rescue. She's made her choices, and he his. The mansion, and the dark secret beneath it, are her responsibility.

But now the secret is out, and Harper's friends are in the kind of trouble that only Antoine's brand of dangerous is equipped to handle.

Now Harper isn't the only one facing choices. Choices that will have dangerous consequences - forever.

Moon Vine is the second gripping installment in the Nightgarden Saga. A YA paranormal romance full of southern gothic atmosphere, dark twists with high stakes, and heart wrenching romance that will tear your heart up, Moon Vine will keep you up late into the night.

If you're a fan of The Vampire Diaries, Twilight, and romance that rips your heart out, you'll love the Nightgarden Saga.

Quick Thoughts

In the second installment of the Nightgarden saga, we see the return of all the characters we loved from the first novel, with a little bit of a shift of focus. This book focused a lot more on Connor and Cass' relationship than on Antoine and Harper's, which wasn't quite what I was hoping for but definitely necessary for plot and character development.  

Speaking of characters and well, their development, a new supernatural element was added and I'm so excited to see where that could take us in the future books.

I also loved that this saga is still giving very much The Vampire Diaries vibes, with the romance and the atmosphere.

Overall I enjoyed the book and seeing the characters and plotline develop further in this book and can't wait to see where the third installment takes all the supernatural and romantic elements that were introduced here.

Thursday, 25 November 2021

First Line Friday (14): The Rumor Game by Dhonielle Clayton and Sona Charaipotra

First Line Friday is a bookish tag hosted over at Abstract Books that is used to showcase your favourite first lines of books.

There really is something to be said about a good first line, and I'm going to be using this tag from now on to showcase my current read's first lines.

This week for First Line Friday I'm bringing you the first line of The Rumor Game by Dhonielle Clayton and Sona Charaipotra

Goodreads synopsis

All it takes is one spark to start a blaze.

At Foxham Prep, a posh private school for the children of DC’s elite, a single rumor has the power to ruin a life.

Nobody knows that better than Bryn. She used to have it all—the perfect boyfriend, a bright future in politics, and even popularity, thanks to her best friend, cheer captain Cora. Then one mistake sparked a scandal that burned it all to the ground.

Now it’s the start of a new school year and the spotlight has shifted: It’s geeky Georgie, newly hot after a summer makeover, whose name is on everyone’s lips. When a rumor ignites, Georgie rockets up the school’s social hierarchy, pitting her and Cora against each other. It grants her Foxham stardom . . . but it also makes her a target.

As the rumors grow and morph, blazing like wildfire through the school’s social media, all three girls’ lives begin to unravel. But one person close to the drama has the power to stop the gossip in its tracks. The question is—do they even want to?

From Dhonielle Clayton and Sona Charaipotra, authors of the Tiny Pretty Things duology (now a Netflix series), comes the edge-of-your-seat social thriller everyone will be talking about.


"The thing about this year is that I might do anything to get my old life back."

I just recently finished this book and I really liked it! My review will be written, and of course, published, soon, so look out for that post!

You can add The Rumor Game to your Goodreads TBR here and look our for the book's official release, expected March 1, 2022!